Strongly encourage vote for Deborah Lurie | Letter

As a Mercer Island educator and parent of a school-aged daughter, I support and strongly encourage you to vote for Deborah Lurie for School Board Position 4. I met Deborah several years ago while our daughters were playing sports. I was immediately impressed by her commitment to children through her work as a King County public defender child advocacy attorney and her knowledge and involvement at Island Park Elementary and the Island Park PTA.

Deborah grew up on Mercer Island and is qualified and ready to give back to our community by serving on the Mercer Island School Board. She is qualified, approachable, a problem solver, active listener and knows how to get things accomplished. Deb has the skill set, knowledge and people skills to best serve the students in this unique and special district.

Join me in voting for Deborah Lurie for School Board Position 4. Thank you.

Cindi Pacecca

Mercer Island