We deserve a place for the arts | Letter

Save our parks — what are we saving them for? More sports venues? Every park except Pioneer Park and Mercerdale Park has a sports venue. And Mercerdale has a skate park and all kinds of little stations for runners. But there is no place in the city outside of the schools that has a place for the arts. Some children are not interested in being on a team. I know that sounds crazy, but it is true. What about the budding artist, musician or actor?

Years ago we tried to start a little theater here on the Island. We used rooms, a church and the back stage in the little theater. The high school — no way. Much too expensive. By the time you paid for the lighting technician and the sound technician, the price was way too much. Plus the scheduling was impossible. Also it is way too big.

When the Mercer Island Community and Events Center was being discussed, we attended all the hearings lobbying for a little theater. What did they build — a basketball court.

The corner of Mercerdale Park is not a walking area, or a bird watching place. We deserve and our children deserve a place for the arts.

Patsy Benson

Mercer Island

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