Yes on school levy is important for Mercer Island | Letter

“Please vote yes on the levy to protect our schools, our community and our home values.”

It’s really important to vote YES on the upcoming school levy. This is a replacement levy and a yes vote enables us to maintain and protect our excellent schools. If this levy were to fail, the Mercer Island School District budget would be cut by a shocking 20 percent!

As Mercer Island residents and realtors, we know that the Mercer Island School District is the No. 1 reason for prospective homebuyers to consider purchasing a home here. The strong reputation of our schools draws buyers in and makes them explore Mercer Island. Then when buyers learn about all the other wonderful benefits of our community, they are “sold” on Mercer Island. Without strong schools, we’d lose a lot of interest from homebuyers.

Please vote yes on the levy to protect our schools, our community and our home values.

Educate your friends and neighbors about this levy too. More details, facts and financial information about the levy are available at

EJ Bowlds, Principal Managing Broker

Paula Holtzclaw, Broker

Sarah Ford, Broker

Coldwell Banker Bain

Mercer Island

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