Valerie Hay (in pink), with her siblings Lydia and Connor and mom Ashley, meets Carl of the popular “Good Dog, Carl” book series and its author, Alexandra Day, at a book signing event on April 14 at MercyVet in Mercer Island. Katie Metzger/staff photo

Famous fido meets fans on Mercer Island

Mercer Island’s MercyVet organized a book signing for two authors, Alexandra Day and Tracy Weber, on April 14.

Both live in Seattle, and write books about dogs. Day is the author and illustrator of the “Good Dog, Carl” series, and Weber, a yoga teacher, writes the “Downward Dog Mysteries.”

A few Islanders stopped by to meet Carl on Friday afternoon, including the Hay family. Ashley Hay brought her three children, Valerie, Lydia and Connor, because they read the “Carl” books every day before nap time.

“We never thought we would get to meet Carl in person,” Ashley Hay said.

MercyVet recently celebrated 15 years on the Island.


The Hay family gets books signed by Alexandra Day on April 14. Katie Metzger/staff photo

Susan Fondren poses with her dogs, Sampson and Harley, and the author and inspiration of the “Good Dog Carl” book series. Katie Metzger/staff photo

Author Tracy Weber poses with her dog, Ana, at a book signing event at Mercer Island’s MercyVet on April 14. Katie Metzger/staff photo