Jerry Cornfield

July 1 budget deadline or government shutdown

Gov. Jay Inslee is preparing today for the possibility that lawmakers will fail to reach a budget deal in time to avert a government shutdown.

Special session likely to go to second round for Legislature

The governor is likely to keep the state Legislature working by ordering an extension of the special session.

Costs could affect how tough new state DUI laws would get

Washington’s lawmakers and new governor are locked in an almost perfect stasis thus far in this not-so-special session and appear capable of remaining in this state for a few days longer.

Jim Spady continues pursuit of charter school success

No name is more synonymous with charter school fights in Washington the past two decades than Spady.

I-5 collapse brings roads legislation into sharp focus

Not long after an earthquake dislodged chunks of concrete from the Alaskan Way Viaduct in Seattle, state lawmakers pushed through a nickel increase in the gas tax.

Special sessions not so ‘special’

Washington lawmakers are preparing for a special session after failing to finish their work in the allotted 105 days of the regular session. Going into overtime is becoming a habit for the Legislature.

Inslee sends lawmakers back to drawing board for budget

Gov. Jay Inslee is asking House and Senate budget writers to renew negotiations in earnest as early as Tuesday in hopes of making substantial progress on a deal before lawmakers return for a special session.

How to divvy up $1 billion for schools

One of the state’s most coveted entitlements is at the center of a billion-dollar battle in Olympia. It is basic education, and the fight, surprisingly, is not on how much more money to spend on it. Democratic and Republican lawmakers and Gov. Jay Inslee agree it should be at least $1 billion.