Street Treats takes local ice cream venture online

The location on 78th Avenue SE was “always meant to be temporary.”

By Ella Will,

For the Reporter

Street Treats is a Seattle-based dessert catering company founded in 2010 by Diane Skwiercz, an avid dessert enjoyer who wanted to share her love for classic and fun treats with her community.

Street Treats is a women-owned business that specializes in ice cream and ice cream sandwiches, priding themselves on using all-natural ingredients in their desserts and unique French-style custard ice cream instead of the usual Philadelphia style. French-style custard ice creams are more traditional, have a richer texture, and have a deeper flavor than American ice cream, and they use no fillers, gum, or stabilizers.

On Mercer Island, Street Treats mainly does graduation parties, Seafair events, and pre-prom catering, but they are available for all types of special occasions, Skwiercz said.

She said the Street Treats’ location on 78th Avenue SE was “always meant to be temporary,” as the building will soon be torn down. They first opened up shop in June 2023 when they leased the vacant space from Robert Schaudt, a Farmer’s Insurance Agent in Bellevue, and they are currently moving out. However, Hub Boba, Mercer Island’s first and only boba shop, is still open in the building from 2-8 p.m. on all days except Monday and Tuesday.

Hub Boba provides vegan and dairy substitutes for their milk tea, iced tea, slushies, smoothies, and matcha drinks. They also have optional toppings and adjustments so patrons can customize their experience.

Skwiercz said Street Treats has been happy to serve the Mercer Island community.

“We were there for six months, so we had some great support from Mercer Island and want to thank the people there for coming in and supporting us,” Diane said.

For Islanders wondering how they can continue to support Street Treats, they have an online store where individuals can order “holiday treats, DIY take-home kits, ice cream sandwiches, and more,” as stated on their website. Businesses looking to stock Street Treats wholesale and individuals wanting event catering can request sales collateral, price lists, and product samples through email. To stay updated about events and products, Street Treats has a newsletter and is active on social media.

Street Treats also has options for customers with food restrictions. They create two new ice cream flavors every month, and all are gluten-free except for any containing mix-ins like cookie dough or birthday cake that uses flour. On top of that, they make non-dairy ice cream and a sorbet that is gluten-free/vegan. With their other desserts, Street Treats’ famous salted brown butter crispy treats are gluten-free, and they have gluten-free/vegan chocolate chip cookies.

Street Treats has a dessert truck and carts used for catering events, including dessert buffets, ice cream scoops, brownie bars and party platters. The company has plans for a St. Patrick’s Day and Pride Month platters in the next few months, Skwiercz said.