Building social capital one street event at a time/ Letter to the Editor

Yesterday (Aug. 28) on Mercer Island, Joe Kennedy and the Boyd Building Collection neighbors successfully obtained city support to block the short street in front of their establishments. They sponsored an open invitation for Mercer Islanders to come and enjoy art, drinks, food and each other’s company. It was a tremendous success. It was scheduled from noon until 8 p.m., and a crowd gathered at noon and continued with live music and dancing in the street until 11 p.m. Indications were that they would have stayed all night.

Events such as this allow neighbors to get together again, engage and increase their connections, and is an example that Mercer Island can have a vibrant business district. Events such as this are extraordinarily important for the island, state and country. We need people talking with one another; any opportunity to do that is bountiful.

Hats off to Barrels Wine Bar, La Fete Patisserie, Sano Café, the food truck and the artists displaying their art outdoors in portable canopies and shelters, and to the city government for facilitating and demonstrating what is possible for a vibrant Mercer Island business district.

A big tribute to all the artists showing their art. All had a great time.

We need more of these.

Gary D. Robinson, Ph.D., Mercer Island