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Coen will actively manage city issues

We need a change on the council, which is precisely why I decided to run against Benson Wong in the primary election. Benson is a great goodwill ambassador and nice person, but the council needs someone who will actively manage the issues and challenges facing the city rather than passively “letting things happen.”

This council has been asleep at the wheel and not proactive with anticipating outcomes of their short-sighted decisions. This short-sightedness accounts for many of the issues that plague our Island – light rail, budget crisis, cell towers in our neighborhoods, just to name a few. Consequently, I am endorsing Mark Coen for Mercer Island City Council Position No. 6.

Mark has been an activist and advocate for Mercer Islanders. City council is service to the people, not to raise your public profile, or succumb to regional pressures. Mark is assertive and will challenge other City Council members when he feels they have not acted in the best interest of its citizens. His opponent on the other hand, has been ineffective for the four years he has served on the council.

We have an impending budget crisis, and Mark has been a big proponent of accountability and taking a closer look at our expenditures rather than simply raising property taxes. He operates with full disclosure to increase citizen engagement, comprehension and trust for our city operations.

Mark has been a big advocate for out-of-the-box solutions – like an electric shuttle service to mitigate our transportation issues. He has the passion, energy and dedication to the local issues that we need on City Council. Please join me in supporting Mark for City Council Position 6.

Elaine C. Kavalok

Mercer Island

Coen would be creative new voice on council

It’s time for a change on our City Council. Coen brings new ideas and the energy to research them. Coen not only has vision — he takes action by engaging the community, sharing information and working to creatively solve tough problems.

Coen’s facilitation of the mobility forum on Oct. 20 is a stunning example of his commitment to work collaboratively — with council candidate Tom Acker, with the city and with expert consultants — to find new solutions to problems plaguing our city.

Mobility and the Interstate 90 debacle is just one example. Budget challenges that have been postponed by our present council, to the extent that not one but two levy lid lifts are now on the council’s agenda, are another example.

Coen will represent the residents of the Island first and foremost. He accepts only local donations, while his opponent has accepted donations from off-Island companies, individuals and clients.

Our City Council should represent Islanders, not regional interests. Please join me in voting for Mark Coen, a new, independent voice for Island residents.

Meg Lippert

Mercer Island