Islanders endorse Benson Wong for city council | Letters

Benson Wong listens

I first met Benson Wong through his work helping to start the Washington Public Affairs Network, aka TVW. He was presented with the well-deserved Founders Award in 2012. I’ve also worked with him through other organizations such as the Mercer Island Community Fund and the Schools Foundation.

Most recently I’ve worked with Benson on the needs of the small business community on the Island. His concern for them is evident. He has been meeting with business owners since before his first term on the council. He listens to their concerns, asks insightful questions and gathers information. He has demonstrated deliberate, thoughtful consideration of their issues time and again. He thinks in terms of the future, as opposed to the near term, an approach that is critical to the success of our Town Center and the future of the Island.

His quiet demeanor should not be confused with inaction. He pays attention to issues, citizens, their ideas and the Island’s needs, carefully considering all of them before making a decision. He has been and will continue to be an asset to the community and to the council.

Terry Moreman

Mercer Island

Wong will build community support for budget deficit solutions

I moved to Mercer Island in 2011, warmly welcomed into the Islander fold. One of its greatest assets is an engaged populace deeply invested in its neighbors and natural resources. This vibrant community needs a responsive City Council to implement the sometimes passionately conflicting views of our citizens.

Benson Wong is well suited for that challenge.

I met Benson in 2013 when he knocked on my door as a candidate. I was pleasantly surprised when he did not launch into a stump speech about what he believed was best for the Island. Instead, he asked me questions — What did I like about the Island? What could be done better? What issues are important to me? His thoughtful response to my input secured my vote.

I have since interacted with Benson in my role on the MIYFS Foundation Board. Benson supports YFS in myriad ways — attending and promoting our events; hosting a table at our annual breakfast, and educating himself about the needs of Islanders. As a city budget deficit looms, I trust Benson to build community support for deficit solutions that will best serve everyone on the Island.

Benson seeks input from a wide constituency before making decisions. He listens and votes based on his engagement with citizens. Healthy institutions benefit from a balance of new perspectives and continuity. Benson offers institutional history, experience and an open door and mind for different ideas, along with a refreshing civility. I encourage you to vote for him.

Jody Kris

Mercer Island