Islanders express support for Joy Langley | Letters

Joy is ready to grapple complex Island issues

I am writing to let you know why I support Joy Langley for Mercer Island City Council Position 4.

During the last Committee for Mercer Island Public Schools school levy campaign while she was relatively new to the Island, Joy approached me as the CMIPS chair and simply asked “how can I get involved and help.” Over the course of the next few months I worked with Joy and found her to be intelligent, deliberate, conscientious and a hard worker where she greatly impressed me with her no-nonsense yet collaborative, results-oriented approach to everything she worked on.

In my many conversations with Joy, she has verbalized her belief that responsible government is built on honesty, transparency and active citizen engagement. I believe Joy’s experience in government affairs, navigating the moving pieces of government, business and infrastructure and involvement in our Mercer Island community has made her ready to grapple with the complex issues our Island faces.

Speaking on behalf of myself, I hope you’ll join me in voting for Joy Langley for Mercer Island City Council Position 4 this November.

Jerry Kavesh

Mercer Island

Langley will be extraordinary asset on council

I am writing to express my sincerest support for Joy Langley in her campaign for Mercer Island City Council. I have come to know Joy over the past several years the way many of us on Mercer Island know each other — through our children. First in the SJCC pre-K program where our daughters became friends, and then at West Mercer Elementary, I have had the opportunity to observe in Joy the character and traits that will make her an extraordinary asset to us on the council.

Joy cares about what matters. In addition to her work on the Arts Council, the School Levy Committee and the West Mercer and District PTAs, Joy is a working mother of three who makes time to be incredibly involved in her children’s classes and school experiences.

Last year, for instance, she was co-chair of our kindergarten class, doing an amazing job of organizing the parents and being there throughout the year.

These class leadership roles are not easy in their own right, but for a working mom who is as involved in other community roles as she is, her day-to-day follow through, presence and responsiveness over the details, from teacher appreciation week to field trips and school parties, has struck me as true commitment to what I think matters most on Mercer Island: our children.

In addition to understanding and working for the needs of Island families, Joy has a great capacity for listening to, and learning from, others.

As an attorney, I have great admiration for her command of facts regarding local and regional issues as well as her ability to facilitate meaningful and productive conversations. She is witty and kind, she is serious without taking herself seriously. She is brilliant and is a leader who wants to accomplish something. For those of us who want to help make our home a better place for our families and our future, she will be a great advocate as a member of the council.

Martin Rosenburgh

Mercer Island