Keep Clibborn and Maxwell in Legislature

As a 41 year resident of Bellevue long involved in human services, early learning and education issues, I have worked with a wide variety of competent and not so competent legislators in Olympia. The incumbent Representatives in the 41st District; Judy Clibborn and Marcie Maxwell, deserve support as they seek to continue their dedication to solving the pressing problems facing residents of the greater Eastside and the state.

Both Judy and Marcie bring a deep understanding of the communities they represent based on many years of serving the public before seeking a seat in Olympia. Both served in elected leadership positions in their home communities as well as dedicating their lives to working in the non-profit, civic and business communities.

Seldom do I attend community events without seeing one or both of them in attendance; talking with residents, and listening to community leaders work out solutions to neighborhood, community, school district and city issues. They also regularly attend charity benefit events and neighborhood celebrations. They know the people who live and work in the 41st district.

Both Representatives Clibborn and Maxwell bring intelligence, creativity, strong leadership skills and honesty to their public work. We are very fortunate to have such skilled and informed Representatives in the House of Representatives and I urge your vote and support in the Primary election on August 17th. Vote Maxwell and Clibborn in the 41st District.

Jan Stout


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