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Langley will bring collaborative style

The advantages that Joy Langley will bring to our City Council come from her solid government experience and collaborative style. She is focused on big issues: our budget deficit, neighborhood quality, core infrastructure and our town center’s commercial prospects.

As much as I like what Joy will bring to the council, it’s also worth noting what she will leave out. She does not glibly claim that she can “save” our suburb or somehow solve problems by favoring “residents over region.” She does not pay lip service to “logical” solutions, while aiming primarily to give as little ground as possible to change, to assure us we still live in a “village.” We don’t. Most Mercer Islanders know that our city is in the middle of a highly dynamic transportation corridor and that, among many other priorities, our city will prosper best by stepping up to its role as a hometown that is at the heart of King County. If this approach and these values speak to you as much as they do to me, vote for Joy Langley for Mercer Island City Council.

David Witus

Mercer Island

Langley is right candidate to watch out for our safety

With all of the natural disasters hitting the news, I have become increasingly concerned about emergency preparedness for our Island should disaster strike. I am so glad to know that Joy Langley has been thinking about these things too. Her endorsement by the Mercer Island firefighters, combined with her experience finding resources and working with regional partners, reinforce my confidence that Joy is the right candidate to watch out for our safety.

Joy understands that we need a comprehensive emergency plan that leverages existing talent and resources on the island to prepare for a situation where our bridges go down and we need shelter in place. She will work with local leaders to create such a plan. Utilizing national and state grant money, Joy will bring in outside resources to support citizen and first responder training programs.

Like me, Joy is a parent of young children on the island and cares that they can navigate the island in safe ways. Working with CMIPS, she worked to pass the school levy to fund safer ways to school for students at Northwood Elementary. Joy cares about the safety of this community. She has my confidence and my vote. I hope she will have yours too.

Leah Gale

Mercer Island