Letter to the editor, July 10, 2019

Council endorsement

Candidate endorsement

I wish to go on record as endorsing Robin Russell for Position 7, Mercer Island City Council.

Robin’s career in the field of financial management will be a great asset to us as our new council works to overcome past years of oversight. Her concerns for better fiscal responsibility and sustainability are already well known by many of us. This includes the need for true transparency (fewer executive sessions) to restore trust once more in our city government.

One item of present concern is the need to delay any vote on the bus intercept until impact studies have been made, as this will affect all Islanders, and all Islanders — old & young alike — are among her prime concerns, along with her passion for maintaining our special quality of Mercer Island life.

She recently spent many, many months volunteering to save Mercerdale Park from the latest effort by some to use it as a Mercer Island City Council “piggy bank” for their pet projects. Now she is turning her park efforts toward seeing that all our parks will be in a trust to protect them from any future efforts of “MI park rustlers.”

Please remember to vote for Robin Russell, Position 7, Mercer Island City Council.

Betty Morgan

Mercer Island


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