Letter to the Editor, May 22, 2019

Aubrey Davis Park

Aubrey Davis Park needs our protection

I attended all four 2-hour focus groups about the Aubrey Davis Park master plan. The consensus of all four focus groups was not to widen the cross-island path and not to pave more green space. Instead, focus group participants advocated for high speed bike paths on North Mercer Way, with the park’s paths dedicated to walkers, strollers, runners and children on bikes — for safety reasons, and to preserve green space.

But the city seems determined to ignore the voices of engaged citizens who have already donated hours of their time to give the city feedback. And now an online city survey offers only two Aubrey Davis master plan options — both with wider paved paths. This poll basically asks the citizens to vote for Option A or Option B, which are both unacceptable, or to choose neither and explain why.

Everyone who loves our parks should take the survey at https://letstalk.mercergov.org/AubreyDavis before Friday, June 7, when the survey closes. Oppose Option A and Option B, check “neither,” and tell the city that you value green space over pavement in our parks. And please tell your friends to take the survey and do the same. Money saved by not paving parkland should be spent on maintaining the green space for citizens to enjoy.

Maybe this time the city will listen to residents instead of to the high-paid consultants who represent regional interests rather than Islanders’ priorities.

Meg Lippert

Mercer Island


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