How in-house services better serve seniors’ health, and budgets

When care is coordinated within the community, residents are more likely to achieve their goals

Residents of Mercer Island already know many of the benefits of living in a tight-knit island community. Neighbors are a little more likely to lend a hand, most services are just a few blocks away, and many providers can adapt to your personal needs, since we’re all in this together.

Island House MBK Senior Living is like an island within the island, and the senior living community has even more of a supportive, tight-knit feel.

“Our in-house services not only add convenience, they make it much easier to coordinate care,”says Katrina Ondracek, Executive Director of Island House MBK Senior Living.

In-house physical, occupational and speech therapy

In addition to services like chef-prepared meals and a wide variety of enrichment programs, Island House has three professionals dedicated to the community’s physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy needs.

Residents can receive treatments from these professionals in the dedicated therapy space, and also work on specific movements and skills in their own apartment of the Island House gym.

“If you’re recovering from an illness or learning to work with new mobility challenges, our occupational therapist can help you re-learn how to get in and out of bed, and coordinate daily support with Island House staff,” Ondracek says.

Coordinating care means staying on top of each resident’s needs, and also their budget. If the Island House physical therapist knows a resident has achieved their goal of walking 100 feet unassisted, they can advise staff that they no longer need escorts for meals and activities.

It also works the other way: if the care team notices a resident struggling more with a certain activity, it’s easy to pull the physical therapist in for an evaluation and new care plan. They’ll also take care of coordinating with a doctor to get any prescriptions submitted to insurance.

“Aging adults often miss out on regular physician visits if they’re living alone, especially since COVID. In this tight-knit community we’re much more likely to notice gradual declines in function and fill in those gaps for the physician. We often prevent future issues just by having a clinical eye in the building,” says Kari Armour, Director of Rehabilitation.

Serving the Island’s seniors since 1989

Island House senior living has 79 studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments in the heart of town center. About half of the seniors live independently, and half take advantage of assisted living services like medication monitoring, mobility assistance and nursing needs. You can move in as a young senior and age in place.

To book a tour call 206-209-0768, or visit mbkseniorliving.com/senior-living/wa/mercer-island/island-house-assisted-living to learn more. Find Island House at 7810 SE 30th St., Mercer Island.

In-house services at Island House not only add convenience, they make it much easier to coordinate care. To book a tour call 206-209-0768.

In-house services at Island House not only add convenience, they make it much easier to coordinate care. To book a tour call 206-209-0768.

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