Meticore Weight Loss Reviews – Scam Pills or Honest Product?

Meticore is a weight loss supplement that adheres to the laws of thermodynamics with its eight ingredient formula that focuses on boosting metabolism and inducing fat burning properties by targeting one of the primary issues associated with age-related weight gain, low core body temperature. In short, as the body ages, metabolism slowdown creeps in and is largely a result of having a low core body temperature where all the main functioning organs start to “cool off” and not conduct enough heat and electrical pulse to carry out normal cellular activities. But the Meticore pills are loaded with a propriety blend of six ingredients and two additional vitamins that are on a mission to boost core body temperatures, allowing for greater cellular cycles to unfold that will enable detoxification and weight loss to commence daily.

As the calendar year known as 2020 comes to a close, all eyes are on 2021 and we know what that means – high-tide health season is underway and it is time to kick start those New Year Resolutions into gear and start off the year on the right foot given a wildly turbulent twenty twenty.

By now, you likely know that there are several factors that could possibly affect your weight loss journey? If so, were you aware that maybe your core temperature might be one to further investigate? It turns out that internal temperature has an effect on the overall performance of one’s metabolism, which in turn can influence weight. What might be the next course of action from here? Not to worry, we’ve recently come across a supplement that claims to rectify the root cause of a slow metabolism. The purpose of this review is to shed light on “Meticore” and to see to what extent it might be beneficial. Let’s begin with the intended purpose and also answer the question of whether or not Meticore is an honest product or scam pill formulation that is not worthy of the hype or popularity it has been warranted to date:

What is Meticore?

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Meticore is formulated as a “healthy metabolism support” by Dr. Reginald Stone and presented by official spokesmen Todd Pittman. With this dietary supplement on hand, individuals can anticipate normalized low core body temperatures, which supercharges their metabolisms respectively, giving the ability to attain desirable weight loss results and a boost to their energy levels among other beneficial effects. In fact, these results are deemed achievable without the need for a healthy diet or exercise plans because it works on a hormonal level to help induce healthy cellular function and activity. Why might this be the case? It turns out that all credit needs to go to six of the most dominant ancient herbs found in Madagascar, all of which have been and continue to be stars across distinct natural alternative medicines. With all of the aforementioned in mind, let’s further study the Meticore formula!

Then, we will cover the simple health routine that is to be used in conjunction with the Meticore weight loss formula, known as the 1-minute morning sunrise ritual. Together, this 60 second routine, combined with the potent and powerful Meticore ingredients, look to target the root-cause of unbalanced hormones by awakening metabolic rates that promote accelerated fat loss and cellular cleansing properties. The digestive system’s structure and function, from your mouth to your anus, is at the core of how Meticore helps ignite the fat burning furnace within and jumpstarts the metabolic rate to be beneficial at assisting the body utilize and assimilate nutrients consumed from foods you eat day in and day out.

How does Meticore work?

As described on the sales page, Meticore addresses the root cause of a slowed metabolism, and this according to the team of researchers has to do with low core body temperature. To understand the possible relationship that might exist, we decided to dig deeper into matters. In so doing, we stumbled upon a 2009 review called, “Do the Obese Have Lower Body Temperatures? A New Look at a Forgotten Variable in Energy Balance.

This piece aims to explore the role that core temperature might play in energy balance and in turn in “metabolic efficiency” of those classified as obese. As a result, the authors pinpointed the areas that low core temperature can either have the greatest of effects on or is affected by:

Resting metabolic rate (RMR): the rate at which the body uses up energy while completely at rest

Metabolic rate: the number calories required for the body to fulfill its needs

Annual ambient temperature and RMR in different geographic regions

Hypoglycemia: lower-than-normal blood sugar levels

Torpor: a state of decreased physiological activity due to low body temperature

In the end, the researchers concluded that aside from factors including “[overeating] and lack of exercise,” others might have an effect on one’s overall metabolic efficiency, highlighting that “lower core temperature in obese may be one such factor.”

Similarly, a page devoted to Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome shared that “a new study found that obese people have lower body temperature during the day than normal weight people.” This piece went onto referencing the study conducted and disclosed the following key finding:

“The researchers calculated that this lower body temperature – which reflects a lower metabolic rate – would result in body fat accumulation of approximately 160 grams per month, or four or five pounds a year, enough for the creeping weight gain many people experience.”

Although the study consisted of a relatively small size, it was explained that this a start to yet another factor worth investigating. It is important to note that people with endocrine/thyroid disorders were excluded from this particular study. Nonetheless, the author made the case that the active form of the thyroid hormone – also referred to as T3 – needs to be considered because of its direct impact on the regulation of body temperature.

To be more precise, the latter is believed to be achieved by generating heat in the body’s brown fat, a component widely known for its ability to generate heat. In the event that the inactive thyroid hormone fails to convert into T3, less heat ends up being created, possibly affecting body temperature and consequently, the metabolism.

Now that we have some background knowledge in regard to the extent to which low core body temperature can negatively impact the metabolism, let’s now direct our attention to the superior six.

What ingredients make up the Meticore formula?

Meticore nutritional facts

The Meticore formula was conceptualized by a team of researchers led by Dr. Stone. Their idea for this supplement was to shine the spotlight on natural ingredients that have been long used in history as therapeutic agents.

Above all, the team wanted to bring to light the fact that research, up until this point, has shown that the following ingredients can “target low core body temperature and can in turn trigger and supercharge metabolism for both women and men.” Without further ado, here’s want individuals will be consuming upon every serving:

Turmeric (Curcuma longa)

Turmeric is a type of Indian spice – also referred to as the golden spice – whose bioactive compound, curcumin is known for its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. In a piece shared by NBC News, who quoted a registered dietitian nutritionist and author of Eat Right When Time is Tight, Patricia Bannan, it was disclosed that she urges her clients to “replace salt with certain spicy herbs and spices like turmeric to help boost weight loss, fight inflammation and lower blood sugar and cholesterol.”

Ph.D nutritionist scientist, Barbara Delage was also referenced in this article, who said, “Curcumin is versatile. Within cells, it can target specific molecules or pathways that are involved in the control of the cell cycle, inflammation, oxidative stress, etc.” What’s worth noting here is that preclinical studies to this date have depicted the herb’s benefits, however, more human studies are still needed to make sound conclusions.

While scarce research-backed evidence is available on the relationship between turmeric and core temperature, a piece written by Me First Living reasoned that the herb “can speed thermogenesis, which is where your body burns fat in an attempt to regulate your body temperature.”

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African Mango (Irvingia Gabonensis)

African mango comes from African trees of the genus, Irvingia. Despite having insufficient research support, this respective ingredient is often seen in weight loss supplements. As per other advertisements, African mangoes have the ability to “melt away belly fat and trim waistlines,” writes WebMD.

Based on the reportings of McGill Office for Science and Society, a small double-blind randomized study of 40 subjects in 2005 showed significant evidence for weight loss. However, this was as a result of taking 3 grams of African mango daily, which is far more than what’s found in Meticore. Moreover, the author argued that the subjects in both the experimental and placebo groups varied significantly in their weights, which makes its entirety quite questionable.

Ginger (Zingiber officinale)

Ginger is an herb that also comes from the turmeric family. Its main bioactive compound, gingerol is what allows it to possibly support digestion, nausea, inflammation and cardiovascular health among others. A 2005 study that investigated whether ingestion of ginger raises human peripheral body temperature found that it did in fact increase body surface temperature.

Having said that, surface and core temperatures are two different things, hence, these results might not be enough. Furthermore, in a post shared by Earth Clinic, it was reasoned that ginger carries thermogenic properties, which as mentioned above can elevate body temperature and metabolic function.

Moringa (Moringa oleifera)

Moringa is a plant derived from the drumstick tree and has often been praised for its rich source of healthy antioxidants and bioactive plant compounds, writes HealthLine. As for its benefits, they range from lowering blood sugar levels, and cholesterol levels to reducing inflammation. In further researching the scientific reasoning behind moringa’s potential, we came across a 2018 study that looked at the effect of moringa on metabolic syndrome (MS) in male Wistar rats. The researchers arrived at the conclusion that moringa can possibly “attenuate MS in Wistar rats.” Bear in mind that results based off of rats alone might not suffice, especially seeing that the sample size is relatively small.

Citrus Bioflavonoids (from Citrus aurantium fruit)

As the name suggests, citrus bioflavonoids are compounds derived from citric fruits and vegetables. They are deemed an apt source of quercetin, which is a type of antioxidant. This means that such components can help to boost the immune system by warding off foreign invaders. While it is unclear to what extent citrus bioflavonoids can trigger core temperature, a 2019 review mentioned that they not only “scavenge free radicals, [but also] improve glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity, modulate lipid metabolism and adipocyte differentiation, suppress inflammation and apoptosis and improve endothelial dysfunction.” As part of the summary, the authors wrote:

“In vitro and in vivo studies indicate that citrus flavonoids protect ROS-induced cell injury, reduce obesity and adipose tissue inflammation and improve platelet function,” adding that, “Citrus flavonoids modulate several signaling pathways controlling inflammation and other processes.”

Fucoxanthin Brown Seaweed

Fucoxanthin is a type of carotenoid typically extracted from brown seaweed. It has recently garnered a lot of attention for its ability to trigger fat burning. As per a 2015 review dubbed, “Fucoxanthin: A Promising Medicinal and Nutritional Ingredient,” its consumption might lead to an alteration in the leptin hormone, which is our satiety hormone. The authors also made reference to one study conducted on humans that combined 300mg of pomegranate seed oil and 2.4mg of fucoxanthin. In the end, the aforementioned combination led to a significant reduction of body weight and liver fat content in obese women who were treated for a mere 16 days.

Also found in this formula are 10mcg of Vitamin B12 and 35mcg of Chromium, which might improve energy levels and support the role of insulin (i.e. helps with controlling body temperature) respectively.

All of these six ingredients come with a 250mg dosage per capsule, and also have two additional ingredients with a dose of 10mcg of Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) and 35mcg of Chromium (as chromium picolinate). As one can tell, there is no shortage of supporting science that backs these individual Meticore ingredients and their ability to act as a morning metabolism trigger to boost core body temperatures. Let’s answer as many questions about the top selling, trending weight loss supplement of 2020 as we can and also cover how to avoid Meticore scams that are duping consumers with fake pills with side effect-rich cheap ingredients too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Meticore is the most popular weight loss supplement of the year, and as 2021 rolls around and consumers look for viable solutions to effectively counter the holiday weight gain and start the new year off on the right foot, Meticore will surely be a formula that individuals come across when searching for a real answer to age-related metabolic slow down and weight gain. Here are the top questions all consumers should be aware of and prepared for when integrating Meticore and the 1-minute sunrise ritual into their daily routines:

What features does Meticore have?

Meticore carries a number of features worth reflecting upon. Below is a summary of what they entail:

  • It has been clinically proven
  • It was made in the U.S. in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility with emphasis placed on strictness, precise standards and sterility
  • It is 100% all-natural, as Meticore has been founded on six ancient plants and herbs
  • The capsules are 100% vegetarian, safe and non-GMO
  • The formula is free from caffeine/stimulants and any harmful toxins
  • It is highly unlikely to create dependencies

What is the recommended dose for Meticore?

One capsule daily with water is all it takes to lift one’s body temperature to healthy levels and to supercharge one’s metabolism among other possible benefits.

How many Meticore bottles are recommended for best results?

The team at Meticore urges individuals to take Meticore for 90 to 180 days, as this timeframe supposedly reflects the period in which the full effects can be felt and noticed.

Is Meticore safe?

Meticore is described as being generally safe, as it includes ingredients that have been studied and concluded as having little side effects. In fact, the Meticore Formula Blend per serving amounts to 250mg, which is relatively low to do any harm. This might be the reason why long-term uses have been recommended. All things considered, consumers are advised against exceeding the recommended doses, and pregnant/nursing mothers and people with a pre-existing medical condition must consult a physician beforehand.

What results can be anticipated from taking Meticore?

Intriguingly, the sales page claims that 213,508 people have given Meticore a try only to witness “life-changing results.” What are some examples of these changes? Well, with time, one can expect to see a healthy increase in their core temperature, which in turn is believed to boost the metabolism, and trigger fat burning.

These factors alone can potentially clear up one’s skin and increase its glow and improve hair and nails health. Clearly, the slightest of modifications to bodily functions can drastically alter one’s body for the better. That said, other possible improvements are said to range from healthy blood sugar, suppressed appetite and a desirable waistline to maintained heart, brain and joints health.

What is the current average shipping time on Meticore orders?

U.S. and Canadian orders are believed to be delivered within 5 to 7 business days. On the other hand, we have international orders that require a bit more time, namely, one to two weeks. With COVID-19 lurking in the background, these times might alter along with other unforeseen factors.

What is an ideal body temperature range?

According to Medline Plus, normal/ideal body temperature varies based on the person, their age, level of activity and time of day among others. Nonetheless, the average normal body temperature has been accepted as 98.6°F. The Cleveland Clinic appears to stand by this, while suggesting that nowadays, consumers’ body temperatures range anywhere between 97.5°F and 97.9°F. They further shared that: “There isn’t one exact normal body temperature. Everyone has their own normal – and it’s more of a sliding scale than one set number.”

Is Meticore protected by a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Meticore has been protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. If after taking this supplement, individuals see no improvement in their metabolic rates, customer service affirms that they will issue a refund. Of course, for the latter to happen, individuals must first reach out to the team within the suggested 60 days, which commences from the purchase date. For more information on how to contact customer service, consider the following:

Email: contact@meticore.com

Website: https://www.digistore24.com/find_my_order

Physical Returns Address: Meticore, 1301 Ridgeview Drive, McHenry, IL 60050

How much does Meticore cost?

Each Meticore bottle suffices for 30 days. Since the Meticore team recommends taking this supplement over the long haul, they’ve decided to provide incentives to people who place a bulk order. Specifically:

  • 1 Meticore bottle: $59 each
  • 3 Meticore bottles: $49 each (total: $147)
  • 6 Meticore bottles: $39 each (total: $234)

It is also important to note that the prices above neither include the starting shipping and handling fee of USD $12.95 nor the possible value-added tax depending on region.

Is Meticore a Scam or Honest Product?

One of the best questions any consumer can ask is whether or not Meticore is a legitimate formulation that works to boost metabolism, enhance energy levels and allow for easier cellular detoxification to commence. While all signs point to Meticore being an effective weight loss supplement due to its unique ability to specifically target the root cause of unbalanced weight management, there are a few customer shopping tips that everyone will want to apply and implement into the purchasing process of obtaining the real Meticore pills.

While this is extremely unfortunate that the most popular fat burning weight loss supplement of the year has so many questionable offers and dubious scams flying around online, it is actually quite easy not to fall victim to these traps and avoid the fraudulent Meticore product listings found on Amazon or Ebay or any number of third party retail platforms. All customers have to do is simply visit the official website for Meticore at Meticore.com and/or MyMeticore.com to ensure users get shipped the real formulation with the tested and verified ingredients list that match the supplement facts nutritional label. While it sounds off to suggest the Meticore Amazon listings on Amazon.com are 100% fake and deemed fraudulent even by the official company due to the reputation the world’s largest marketplace has, this is indeed the truth. From cheap counterfeits to offers not even using the official bottle image, anyone interested in buying Meticore simply has to get it direct from the manufacturer who prides themselves on potency and purity, making quality a priority. Making an order directly at Meticore.com also gives the customer the money back guarantee of two months or simply a refund for the entire amount back.

Final Verdict

Based on the analysis above, it is clear that Meticore has been designed to rectify the problem of lower-than-normal core temperature so that our metabolic function can run smoothly. By targeting this issue alone, other areas of health are anticipated to heighten, which is reassuring. Upon further investigating the ingredients list, some stood out more than others in regard to scientific research. To be more precise, all of the six ingredients do carry therapeutic effects, however, their results, for the most part, appear to be based on the preliminary trials or have no direct association with core temperature.

Most of all, the fact that many of the tested doses range anywhere between 300mg and 1000mg doesn’t help seeing that the Meticore blend only amounts to 250mg per serving. This leads to the question as to whether it truly holds value, unless of course, individuals ingest foods high in the suggested nutrients. It is also concerning to see that very little background information is available on the company and the supposed Dr. Stone. Finally, individuals also need to reflect upon the price, as it does not include any additional fees that might be incurred at checkout. For people who are wanting more clarification on the Meticore formula, click here>>