Social Selling Blueprint Reviews – What are Customers Saying?

Gone are the days of working endlessly in the quest to make any money. The Social Selling Blueprint may prove to be an effective strategy to adopt in their quest to earn significantly.

What is Social Selling Blueprint?

Social Selling Blueprint is a Facebook marketing system designed to help anyone make significant amounts in commissions in the shortest time possible via smart marketing. This system was developed around the idea of helping anyone earn huge commissions without having to work all day or putting themselves through extreme work.

Social Selling Blueprint is marketed as a lifestyle-friendly system suitable for most people, regardless of their past history with online businesses and social media in general. The system is designed in such a way that it would be helpful to anybody seeking a better means of making money online.

Benjamin Jakes, the creator of this program, believes that the program can be effectively put to maximum use to earn between $1000 to $15000 irrespective of a person’s influence on social media, post-writing expertise, time available for work, and marketing budget.

The Philosophy Behind Social Selling Blueprint

The Social Selling Blueprint is based on a key philosophy that the creator explains extensively on the official website. This principle is the driving force behind the design and applicability of the Social Selling Blueprint.

This principle is the idea of needle-moving work. Jakes is a big believer in the concept of needle-moving work, which is why the talk about needle-moving work dominates the marketing surrounding Social Selling Blueprint. Needle-moving work is predicated on the idea that people need not spend long hours trying to generate money online. Often, individuals ignore the little quantities of highly effective work that make much difference while undertaking much tedious work. Not only that, individuals convince themselves that they only need to work harder to get better outcomes. But these may not necessarily lead to better results. Benjamin Jakes believes that focusing on needle-moving work instead of dedicating all of their time and energy to tedious work that takes all of their time and does not translate to significant financial gains. Social Selling Blueprint seeks to help individuals focus on the needle-moving work that makes all the difference they crave.

Social Selling Blueprint claims to provide details on how the needle-moving principle works and how to harness the benefits of the principle effectively. The creator of this program believes that with this guidance, individuals will grow out of dreading their mornings and start looking forward to engaging in work since they are in charge of their time. Benjamin Jakes believes that the nicest part of following the Social Selling Blueprint is that individuals won’t be stuck laboring all day and night on work that they won’t enjoy. The system requires individuals only to post at least one or two Facebook posts which would take only a few minutes per day. The belief is that there is the potential that one or two posts per day would be enough to build a valuable body of work that might translate to generating hundreds or thousands of dollars in commissions.

Social Selling Blueprint essentially encourages individuals to work each day intermittently with what it calls the find, fix, and fulfill posting technique. This technique is essentially what Social Selling Blueprint claims to teach individuals.

Contents of Social Selling Blueprint

The Social Selling Blueprint program is made of 5 modules that are meant to help individuals easily earn money online while only working for short times daily. These modules are summarized in this section:

Module 1: This module is there to help teach individuals how to make sales online before they begin their marketing campaigns.

Module 2: Connecting with potential customers is considered to be essential to earning significantly online. For this reason, module 2 of Social Selling Blueprint is meant to help individuals master how to connect with new potential customers.

Module 3: This module covers what Benjamin Jakes termed the seven deadly social media marketing sins individuals should never commit if they want to earn significantly online.

Module 4: The ultimate technique to create posts in a short time that can earn anyone thousands is detailed in module 4. It is believed to work for almost everyone who follows it to the letter.

Module 5: Social Selling Psychology posting strategy intended to help individuals know what to write in their posts to close sales in no time.

Social Selling Blueprint Bonuses

The program also comes with bonuses meant to add value to the individual’s experience with the program. These bonuses include:

The Million-dollar Council Training: This bonus is there to provide individuals with step-by-step guidance on how to engage with multi-millionaire business owners on Facebook to assist in accelerating outcomes and avoiding obstacles they have encountered in their own businesses. This bonus is valued at $47.

The Done-For-You Content Templates is the second bonus individuals would receive upon acquiring the Social Selling Blueprint. These pre-filled templates will enable individuals to make money by quickly creating posts without having to stop and consider what to write. The claim is that these templates are based on posts that have generated much money in sales and are valued at $97.

Messenger Sales Script: The creator assures that the Messenger Sales Script contains everything that guides how to complete deals without picking up the phone and making drawn-out sales calls. This teaches originality in the sales process, causing customers to have confidence in the sales process. This bonus is worth $197.

Pricing and Moneyback Guarantee

Social Selling Blueprint is available on the official website for a one-time payment of just $197. A 60 day money-back guarantee covers the program. This one-time payment gives access to all the modules, bonuses, training slides and more valuable offerings from the system’s creator.


With the adoption of smart marketing by following the Social Selling Blueprint, anyone may quickly and significantly increase their commissions. This strategy was created to help anyone make big commissions without working nonstop or subjecting themselves to complex tasks. Anyone looking for a better approach to making money online might find the system handy in their quest to earn significantly on the internet.



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