Brand new app helps drivers decide between SR-520 or I-90

New app measures toll cost and driving time to help drivers decide whether to take SR-520 or I-90, a new mobile website starting public beta soon, helps drivers to estimate the time and cost of their commute options.

According to a Seattle-wide survey, 56% of consumers are anticipating that the onset of tolling on the 520 bridge will force them to alter their normal commuting routes because of the cost and congestion impact.

The site, will help drivers to make educated commute choices based on the factors that matter most to them: travel time and cost. The application asks drivers for their point of origin and intended destination, and returns a recommendation for the cheapest route and the fastest route based on real-time traffic data and tolls. Travelers can choose their route according to which factors are most important to them at that time of the day. In addition, travelers can use the app to predict future travel patterns with 95% accuracy.

The site began at Startup Weekend Seattle on Nov. 11, at the F5 headquarters in Belltown. A team of nine engineers, designers, marketers and business development professionals came together to build a working website in just 48 hours. The site was conceived as a service to the Seattle community, helping commuters to navigate through the disruptive 520 tolling that is set to begin next month.

“We wanted to do something to help the Seattle community make better decisions about their commute – saving time and money on the road,” says team leader Gabe Brown. “With just 3 taps on their mobile phone, helps drivers to pick the best bridge based on their needs.” Unlike other competitors, gives users a side-by-side comparison of the two routes that matter most in Seattle.