City reservoir improvement project on tap/ City Briefs

Mercer Island has commenced reinvestment work on the city’s two 4-million-gallon water reservoir tanks. According to a city report, the more than 20-year-old interior and exterior coatings will be replaced over the next two years on both tanks. The coatings protect the underlying steel from corrosion. The city plans to have its contractor drain the first tank and take it out of service this fall and winter — while water system demands are low — to replace the interior coating. The same will be done with the second tank the following year during the same time frame. Work has already begun on replacing ladders with stairways on the tanks’ exteriors, adding a safety railing around the top of the reservoirs and more.

Shoreline restoration project update

Mercer Island’s Luther Burbank South Shoreline Restoration Project is designed to improve waterfront access and the trail along Lake Washington. In recent weeks, the city’s contractor has transported large logs into place along the shoreline to enhance aquatic habitat and shoreline stability; and installed most of the final crushed rock trail surfacing as the city plans to reopen the trail by the end of September. The additional task of replanting the areas adjacent to the new trail will occur this fall and winter.

New aid car in town

The city will soon have a new aid car, “Aid 191,” on the scene after additional equipment is installed in the unit, which will be put in service at Fire Station 91. The unit recently arrived on the Island after being driven home by staff from the Braun Northwest headquarters in Chehalis. The current aid car will move to Fire Station 92 and that station’s aid car will be placed on reserve status.