Councilmember Salim Nice announces re-election campaign

For the Reporter

Salim Nice, Mercer Island City Councilmember, former Deputy Mayor and longtime resident of Mercer Island, announced this week he would seek re-election of his current council Position 2 on the Mercer Island City Council.

“During my time on council, I focused on solutions, ensuring the city maintained a balanced and sustainable budget, focused on critical social services such as Mercer Island Youth and Family Services (MIYFS) and that Mercer Island’s existing residential character was preserved. These achievements were possible because of the collaborative efforts of the council, the City Manager and her Leadership Team, and the community. Building relationships and consensus was a positive change for the city and the community,” said Councilmember Nice.

Nice elaborated on what a second term might include: “I am running for re-election with the experience and understanding of what the city and its residents have endured over the past several years due to the budget crisis and the pandemic. As an experienced City Council member, I support programs and services that will bring Islanders together. We will continue to stabilize the government and advance our community’s priorities.”

Councilmember Nice’s guiding principles have been public safety, financial sustainability, ethics, parks, and strong community engagement.

During his time on council, Nice voted to keep Mercer Island parks safe and accessible for all, support funding public safety departments, secure short-term funding to retain youth counselors, preserve the Island’s residential character, and monitor city budgets for management with accountability.

Deputy Mayor Wendy Weiker said of Councilmember Nice, “Mercer Island has benefitted from Salim’s unique ability to understand the complex issues we face and his unwavering commitment to sound, data-driven public policy decisions. His thoughtful, collaborative leadership on our city council will be needed more than ever in the years ahead.”

Councilmember Jake Jacobson wrote, “I look forward to continuing to work alongside Councilmember Nice to address the many and complex issues which continually arise to challenge our city. The range and depth of his knowledge of the city’s operations and finances and the calm, selfless and reasoned leadership he continuously provides are the paradigm of public service.”

“Salim brought a valuable new perspective to the Island, which helped us drive priorities within the city. He delivered tremendous value by adding an element of serious analysis to some of the most difficult issues we have faced in decades. I appreciate that Salim is willing to help the city navigate out of its tough financial position and into a brighter future,” said former Councilmember Jeff Sanderson.

Salim Nice is President and Chief Executive Officer of Healthcare Reimbursement Solutions with more than 20 years of government reimbursement and tax experience. He is passionate about leading teams, focusing on the details, and executing a plan. He has distinguished himself with a career in operations and technology, leading teams to deliver or develop solutions that have transformed how hospitals leverage government data.

Councilmember Nice and his wife, Janice, a longtime Island residents, enjoy skiing, cycling, and frequenting Mercer Island’s beautiful parks with their young son.

Islanders are welcomed to send campaign support to: Islanders for Salim Nice, 5619 89th Ave. SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040