Mercer Island teen raises funds for laptops to aid Federal Way students

Youth shines with Holy Trinity Lutheran Church confirmation project.

With Jack Dalton’s church confirmation project on tap, the Mercer Island High School freshman was going to channel his full effort into the activity.

“When he has an idea in mind, he carries it through,” said his mother Sheri Edwards.

Dalton’s thoughts landed on fundraising for laptops that students could utilize while learning remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. After conducting some extensive research, Dalton discovered that students in the Federal Way School District needed a helping hand.

The numbers came up huge as the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church member exceeded his goal of $5,000 with a total of $5,300 in less than two weeks from church and community members, family and friends.

“We did like two grand in the first day. It felt good to see everybody donate to my project and help me get it done and raise the money for the school district,” Dalton said during a recent lunch break from online studying. “It was just something that I thought was necessary. It felt good because I know I had made a difference.”

Edwards said she is proud of Dalton for being well-organized and working hard on the project from start to finish. He concluded his mission by writing thank-you notes to everyone who donated.

Dalton delivered the check to Federal Way School District Superintendent Dr. Tammy Campbell on Sept. 9 and he was recognized at the school district’s board meeting on Sept. 22.

Edwards shared a video with the Mercer Island Reporter on which Campbell praises Dalton for reaching out to her district with his thoughtful and caring project. The money will go toward purchasing more than 20 laptops.

“If every scholar did what Jack did, this whole world would be transformed,” Campbell said.

Kathy Fisher, director of Intergenerational Ministry Programs at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, said it’s a joy to work with Dalton and watch him have an effect on other students.

“The youth of Holy Trinity regularly participate in projects, fundraisers and mission trips that inform them of needs, near and far. It is impactful for them to think outside of themselves and to compassionately serve their community,” Fisher said.

Edwards feels that positivity is a necessity these days and she’s grateful that the Holy Trinity community is there for her family and others.

“For parents, it’s such a gift to know that you have a community around you that loves and supports your child, as well as sustains you in your faith in these difficult times,” she said.