King County Elections posts early results

About six months after 11 Mercer Island candidates submitted their filing papers, the time for the Nov. 7 general election had come.

They voiced their stances on city and school matters in candidate forums and in media question-and-answer sessions, and now it was the voters’ turns to weigh in via the ballot boxes.

King County Elections posted the first round of results for the general election on the evening that was of paramount importance to candidates and residents on the Island and in cities near and far.


Here’s how the races looked at press time on the morning of Nov. 13:

In the Mercer Island City Council races, incumbent Craig Reynolds (56.33%, 4,359 votes) leads Michael Curry (43.55%, 3,370 votes) for Position 5, and incumbent Jake Jacobson (79.50%, 6,062 votes) leads Andrew Friedman (20.12%, 1,534 votes) for Position 7.

Reynolds noted on the morning following election night: “I am very pleased with the preliminary results, and I am grateful for the confidence that voters have placed in me. I hope to have the opportunity to continue my service to the community. I offer my thanks to Michael Curry and others who stepped up to run. Effective government requires an engaged citizenry and dedicated public servants.”

Curry added: “While the initial results aren’t what we want, I owe it to Mercer Island to see it through.”

Also running for re-election, Jacobson said: “Mercer Island residents have decisively approved of the city council’s performance under the superb leadership of Mayor Salim Nice and Deputy Mayor Dave Rosenbaum and our close collaboration with stellar City Manager Jessi Bon and her staff. Our direction from our constituents is to stay the course on public safety, parks protection and support, significant infrastructure upgrades, continued fiscal sustainability and unswerving support of MIYFS (Mercer Island Youth and Family Services).”

Current councilmembers Dave Rosenbaum (Position 1) and Wendy Weiker (Position 3) ran unopposed and have garnered 98.82% and 98.58% of the vote, respectively. Rosenbaum has 5,514 votes and Weiker has 5,567 votes.

On the Mercer Island School Board front, Cristina Martinez (50.46%, 3,803 votes) leads Ananta Gudipaty (49.32%, 3,717 votes) for Position 1, and Jody Lee (49.97%, 3,852 votes) leads Todd White (49.81%, 3,839 votes) for Position 5.

Gudipaty offered his reaction to the school board races, which he said are sure to be nailbiters: “I am not surprised by how close the election is. In a campaign that did not involve negativity or heavy funding from special interest groups, I think it speaks volumes to the strength of our amazing candidates. As a parent, I feel fortunate to have such passionate and dedicated individuals ready to serve our schools and children. Mercer Island wins either way.”

Lee and Martinez said that plenty of vote-counting remains in these tight school board races.

“I knew this would be a close, hard-fought election. Historically about 40% of the ballots are tallied after the election day deadline, and I look forward to seeing the results once every vote is counted,” Lee said.

Added Martinez: “Election results this year for school board candidates reveal strong contenders, and it’s premature to declare a winner. It might take a few days or weeks to determine who will be serving as the school board director for the next four years. Nonetheless, I have faith that the eventual victor will be committed to bolstering the school district.”

Maggie Tai Tucker, a current school board member, ran unopposed for Position 3 and has notched 98.44% (5,480 votes) of the vote.

The final results will be certified on Nov. 28.