Local author prepares for release of upcoming novel

Rachel Linden’s “The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie” will be available on August 2.

Rachel Linden is preparing for the launch of her upcoming novel, “The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie,” which will be available on August 2.

The book is set in Seattle, where after being given a life of lemons, Lolly Blanchard uses the power of lemon drops to find happiness and live life through the what-ifs.

Following her mother’s tragic death over a decade ago, Lolly also broke up with her first love and abandoned her dream of opening her own restaurant. Instead, Lolly kept her family’s struggling Seattle diner afloat, while caring for her younger sister and grieving father. Fast forward to the present, where Lolly whips up the diner’s popular lemon meringue pies every morning while pining for what she’s lost.

Lolly’s great-aunt gives her three lemon drops as her 33rd birthday approaches. The lemon drops allow Lolly to live a single day in a life that could have been hers, such as what if her mother never passed away? Or what if she opened her own restaurant in England?

To prepare for the release of “The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie” Linden will be hosting book tours. On August 2, Linden will host an author’s event at Island Books on Mercer Island. On August 5, Linden will have an event at 7 p.m. at Brick & Mortar Books in Redmond.