Local Eagle Scout projects from Troop 647 give back to community

Special to the Reporter

Three Mercer Island Boy Scouts, Jack Carpenter (Age 18), Jackson Chang (Age 17), and Joey Postma, helped improve their local communities with Eagle Scout Projects that gave back to places that positively contributed to their scouting careers. Jack’s project renovated the garbage bin corral at Redeemer Lutheran Church on Mercer Island where Troop 647 meets weekly. Jackson’s project created a trail for easier access to the Mercer Island Congregational Church, where his sister’s troop meets weekly. Joey Postma also received the Eagle Scout rank, which represents years of hard work culminated in a cherished aware that only a small percentage of Scouts ever achieve.

Jack Carpenter led the garbage bin corral renovation at the Redeemer Lutheran Church in July 2022, helping benefit the church and the community. The renovation improved protecting the garbage bins from weather, and also protects the church and the garbage bins from debris that might get flown by in the wind. It was a much needed refresher for the community at the church, since the previous fence had been there for over 20 years. “The corral looks great! Thank you and the scouts for all your hard work and attention to detail,” commented George Seetin, the church administrator and beneficiary for the project. Jack was inspired to start this project because he wanted to give back to the church where he spent many hours as a scout.

Jackson Chang’s project was to create a trail for easier access to the Mercer Island Congregational Church. Completed in September 2022, Jackson was inspired to help the church where his sister’s troop meets every Tuesday night.

The planning was a large family event, where his parents and siblings helped him plan the project and do the actual trail work. Jackson thanks Mrs. Liz Anne, who worked alongside Jackson to get the project approved.

All three scouts hope that youth and other younger scouts see their projects and get inspired to give back to their communities. All three Eagle Scouts agree that the road to Eagle is a huge commitment, but with hard work and dedication you can achieve it.

Jack Carpenter added, “I want to thank my father, my brother, Luke, and my friends Chase, Evan and Leo for helping with the garbage bin corral renovation, which will really benefit the church and community.”

None of this would be possible without the dedication of the Eagle Scouts parents, the beneficiaries/sponsors of the projects, Scout and Assistant ScoutMasters, and all the Troop 647 volunteers who helped out with the projects.

The Eagle Scout achievement is proof that with determination and dedication, you can overcome any challenge laid before you.

Congratulations Jack Carpenter, Jackson Chang and Joey Postma!