Mercer Island Rotary announces December students of the month

Katheryn Parkinson and Scott McLellan are recognized for their leadership.

Scott McLellan

Nominated by: Andrea Confalone

“Scott is one of the most enthusiastic and cheerful souls I know. I can honestly say I have never seen Scott in a foul mood ever. Every day he comes to class with a smile on his face ready and engaged to learn. Late in this past school year, I had several new students join my class. Scott went out of his way to engage these freshmen and make them feel welcome. He was able to provide some guidance and help ease their transition. They looked up to him. Scott has immersed himself in marching band, soccer and swimming. He works extremely hard and is willing to tackle the most difficult tasks. Scott is trustworthy and reliable. Scott maintains employment throughout the year as a lifeguard, and in 2017 Scott and his brother started their own business. After developing a website, they created Mercerworks. He has been faced with challenges along the way and he has handled these challenges with grace and professionalism. Scott has faced adult adversity and managed his college application, senior course load, swim and band commitments with such success.”

Kathryn Parkinson

Nominated by: Daniela Melgar

“Katie is brilliant, happy, and kind to others. Katie has been an active member of the drama program since her freshman year. She has performed in every show accessible to her since then, and has been a student in the drama 1 or drama 2 classroom all four years. By the end of this year, she will have appeared in 10 mainstage productions. She was chosen to be a playwright her junior year in the annual playwriting project. She has served as a leader in the drama 2 class since her freshman year. She works well with others, and knows when to be a quiet voice and when to push the ensemble forward. She has been an active member at Youth Theatre Northwest since preschool, and has worked as an actor and director with IATSE over the last few years. Katie handles all of this with grace and finesse, all while maintaining a high and competitive GPA.”