Mercer Island School Board Director Dave Myerson won’t run for re-election

Dave Myerson, who holds position 2 on the Mercer Island School Board, announced that he will not run for re-election this fall.

He released the following statement:

“I am grateful to the citizens of Mercer Island for having given me the opportunity to serve on the Mercer Island School Board for the past seven years. It is, therefore, with mixed feelings that I have decided not to run for re-election. The Mercer Island School District has achieved great success in the experiment of public education. We have outstanding curricular and extra-curricular programs, with a focus on the individual student. Our cost is virtually the same as the costs in our surrounding districts, even though we are in the bottom 5 percent in support from the state.

“Consequently, we are much indebted to citizens and donors, as locally approved levies and voluntary contributions make up the difference. It has truly been a privilege, and I look forward to lending my continued support as a citizen after completing my current term.”