Mercer Island Schools Foundations, PTA raise $850,000 for MISD schools

As of June 1, the Mercer Island Schools Foundation (MISF) and the Mercer Island PTA raised $850,000 to go to the Mercer Island School District.

The funds, which were raised to fill the budget deficit left by a loss of funding from the state, exceeds the $500,000 originally needed.

The PTA’s Bridge the Gap campaign netted an additional $170,000 on top of the $700,000 raised by the MISF.

According to the district, 1,493 people gave to the campaigns, including a 25 percent increase in parents who have children in the schools donating.

The money will go to hiring teachers and lessening the class sizes in the district, the administration has said. A check is set to be presented to the school board during the June 24 meeting.