Northwest Yeshiva High School hosts ‘Support for Israel’ event

Special to the Reporter

Northwest Yeshiva High School (NYHS) hosted a “Support for Israel” event at the end of its school day on Oct. 18. Students, staff, parents and community members gathered on campus to sing, pray and hear words of hope from the NYHS community.

Rabbi Yehuda Gabay, Head of School, kicked off the event with words of inspiration. Then students presented a special video highlighting all of the many various projects they’ve been working on to raise funds and awareness in support of Israel over the past couple of weeks since the crisis began.

“It is heartwarming to see the concern of our students so swiftly put into action in the way of special fundraisers to support the cause in Israel. Our community has really mobilized with action,” remarked Beth Jacoby, director of admissions at NYHS.

As part of the event, students led the attendees in a succession of prayers. A prayer for the sick and injured was recited, along with a prayer for the hostages, one for the soldiers, and one for the State of Israel. Randy Kessler, director of Stand with Us Northwest, also spoke to the group by explaining the organization’s role as a helpful resource in the community. And lastly, an information table was set up with swag and pertinent information for attendees to peruse and take home.

Hannah Hason, NYHS Judaic’s faculty member, reflected, “Even though we are physically far away, Israel is always in our hearts. There isn’t a moment when our family, alumni, and soldiers aren’t in our thoughts. Yesterday, provided a small moment that we could help our students in their personal expression and support of Israel. We are so proud of everything they are doing during this time for the Jewish people.”