RASKC rolls out pet licensing ‘Collar ID’ campaign

Mercer Island is a member of the county pet adoption service.

Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC) took in 3,763 lost pets to its shelter last year and returned 895 of the furry friends to their owners.

“Just think how many more we might have reunited with their families if these lost pets had been licensed,” said Denise McCollum, marketing and licensing program manager, in a recent press release.

Pet licenses are required in King County and the documentation provides identification protecting pets 24/7 should they get lost, and aids in funding the county animal services program.

The city of Mercer Island is a member of the pet adoption service, which launched its new “Collar ID” pet licensing campaign on Sept. 1 and it will run through Nov. 17. The campaign focuses on the value of pet licensing.

“We all know how valuable caller ID is on our cell phones. The same holds true for having ‘Collar ID’ on our pets,” reads the press release.

For information on purchasing licenses, visit https://www.mercerisland.gov/finance/page/pet-licenses

For more details on the campaign and RASKC, visit www.kingcounty.gov/pets