Residents provide input on traffic safety improvements

Due to issues with speeding near Mercer Island High School, the city recently installed three speed bumps and new four-inch lane channelization paint on 92nd Avenue Southeast between Southeast 40th Street and Southeast 41st Street.

During her report at the Aug. 31 city council meeting, City Manager Jessi Bon said that some residents provided input with the traffic safety improvements and the city has received positive community feedback on the project.

Some residents have also been working with the city on future safety improvements at the intersection of Southeast 24th Street and 72nd Avenue Southeast following some collisions and near misses in that area, Bon said.

The pilot project sits in the design phase now and is scheduled for construction and implementation this fall.

The project’s plans call for removal of the 72nd left-turn lanes and an addition of painted extensions, or curb bulbs, on the four corners of the intersection to provide a shorter crossing distance.

In order to create improved sightlines for drivers on 24th and pedestrians, vehicles waiting to turn left on 72nd or drive through will be able to move further into the intersection.

“We’ve analyzed this intersection. Our traffic team is out looking at potential modifications that we can make,” Bon said. A presentation slide noted that these alterations won’t degrade traffic operations.