Shorewood resubmits application to build more apartments

Shorewood also withdraws its parking variance and plans to add nine additional stalls via site improvements, plus 106 stalls in the project.

After withdrawing a previous application to add two buildings and 90 units to its apartment complex, Shorewood Heights recently submitted a scaled-back proposal to the city.

The original request’s description included two three-story apartment buildings with parking garages, surface parking and related access road and Fire Department access road improvements.

Shorewood had also applied for a State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review and a parking variance, which was met with criticism from residents and neighbors who complained about the scarcity of parking and the number of cars overflowing from the complex into surrounding streets.

The new application is for one new building and a SEPA review, and Shorewood Heights withdrew its parking variance, said senior planner Travis Saunders.

The multi-family code requires two parking spots per unit, and Shorewood had requested to amend that ratio to 1.47 based on a traffic analysis. The new application promises a net increase of parking.

“Work includes demolition and grading at existing garages and paving/surface parking areas. The proposed building has a total area of 74,702 square feet, which includes 57 apartment units and 106 parking stalls. Site-wide improvements will result in nine additional parking stalls, with a net increase of parking, totaling 115 stalls,” according to the notice of application.

The proposed building will be located at the site’s existing tennis court and adjacent parking lot.

Shorewood had submitted an application for about 100 units right before the recession hit, but the permit expired before the units were built.

Oly Ida Shorewood Heights, LLC has owned the complex since September 2010.

All new developments on the Island are now subject to impact fees for parks, transportation and schools after adoption by the City Council in late 2015 and early 2016.