Vote for Dan Grausz

My name is Will Goodwin, and I am a 16-year-old Mercer Island resident. Although I am not eligible to vote in the upcoming election, I am writing to encourage others to support Dan Grausz in his re-election to the City Council. Dan’s ability to bring people together, his superb record of accomplishment, and his great ideas will guarantee Islanders another four years of excellent representation on the Council.

In our city, controversial decisions often lead to heated debates that can further divide residents. In volatile situations, we need a leader like Dan, who understands that finding common ground and remaining positive serves our city best in the short-term and in the long-term.

Over his 12 years on the Council, Dan has helped to create our new Community Center, keep our parks in pristine condition, ensure public safety and much more.

As a young person on the Island, I particularly appreciate Dan’s commitment to maintain and improve our parks, baseball fields and playgrounds. Moreover, Dan plans to partner with the School District to share facilities and save money. As a high school student, I feel the effects of budget cuts every day. Keeping teachers in classrooms and lowering costs across the board will positively impact students like myself.

Please vote for Dan Grausz to improve our community for Islanders of all ages!

Will Goodwin