World art at Island school

Renowned children’s book illustrator and author Chen Jiang Hong visited students at the French American School last week to share his art.

Hong met with fifth- through seventh-grade students as part of the school’s continued focus on international education. The students watched as the artist demonstrated his unique talent.

After growing up in China during the Cultural Revolution, he studied art in Paris and Beijing, and has lived in France for the last 20 years. His art combines classic Chinese drawing with western visual language.

“It is important for me to bring the culture to which I am attached to life, to allow it to cross boundaries and to allow others to be a part of it,” said Hong. “I try to tell stories in such a way that they become universal.”

His most recent book, “Mao et moi” (“Mao and me”), was selected for the 2009/2010 Great Lakes Books Award ballot for grades six through eight.