Bruce Wayne Robinson | Obituary

Bruce Wayne Robinson passed away in his Snoqualmie home on Tuesday, September 11, 2023. He is survived by his wife Kathie, children Karrin and Ian, and brother Doug – all of whom were by his side, hugging him as he left us. He is also survived by grandchildren Molly, Colin, Brooks and Stone, Karrin’s husband Kevin, Ian’s wife Reba, and many other extended family members. Bruce’s “family” also includes an overwhelming number of close friends and neighbors, and he leaves us with about a million funny stories and memories that will live on for generations.

Bruce grew up on Mercer Island, son to Robby and Dorothy, brother to Sandy and Doug. He met Kathie at Pacific Lutheran University when they were just 21, and after wearing her down by repeatedly driving to visit her in the Bay Area without asking, they married in 1968. He joined the Navy, and they lived in Japan for several years – the first of many adventures together over the next 55 years. Boating, San Juan Islands, camping, road trips, Route 66, Mexico, Hawaii… just to name a few. His family was his priority, but he welcomed countless others into their lives to share the fun.

Bruce was full of light, laughter, up for anything, wickedly smart and funny, and looked at everyone around him through a lens of unconditional love. He instinctively knew how to draw out the best in different types of people, all ages, making them feel uniquely important. He told a story and a joke better than most anyone, often a bit inappropriate, but never with a hint of mean spirit. His grin and humor could get him out of any trouble he got himself into. His joyful energy was contagious – he was a magnet, and being with Bruce was a guaranteed good time.

Bruce himself was a kid for all 78 years of his life, and kids were his passion. His “retirement” job was a school bus driver, beloved by students, parents, staff. He was honored with the “Rise and Shine” award in 2013 for volunteer work with Encompass, Rest Stop (respite for parents of children with special needs) and years participating and running the “Watchdog Program” at Snoqualmie Elementary School. He impacted the lives of not only his own kids and grandkids, nieces and nephews, but also those of friends and neighbors – each one felt like Brucie belonged to them. He always had enough love and attention for all.

Friends and family are heartbroken that we must now live in a world without Bruce. But every time we remember something crazy or silly he did, repeat a story or joke he told, we can’t help laughing through any tears. We will be gathering for a “Celebration of Bruce” on Sunday, October 1st, and then spend the rest of our years trying to be more like him.

If you would like to honor / remember Bruce, please consider donating time or money to either Encompass ( or Snoqualmie Valley School District ( community/donations).