Kathleen Mae Rogers | Obituary

July 30th, 1924 – June 13th, 2024

On the morning of June 13th 2024, our loving mother, Kathleen Mae Rogers, passed away quietly in her home on Mercer Island. Kathleen was 99 years old, born July 30th, 1924.

She was the best of mom’s and a forever devoted wife to Vance Leroy Rogers who proceeded her passing by 29 years. Kathleen had two brothers, Don and Fred McMillan, that she adored and will now be with. Kathleen is survived by her three children; Anna Marie Rogers, Leo Vance Rogers and Elizabeth Victoria Rogers. She also has two grand children; Aaron Rogers Boley and Loren Vance Boley as well as three great grand children; Sky Boley, Sula Boley and Marina Boley.

Kathleen was a devoted Christian and a member of the Emanuel Episcopal church on Mercer Island. She was very active with the church choir for decades and that was a great joy for her. Singing was one of her great passions.

Kathleen graduated from the University of Washington with a major in Graphic Design and worked in this field for many years. She was an avid artist throughout her life and produced extensive works in many mediums. Kathleen was also a passionate outdoors woman with one of her accomplishments being the assent of Mount Hood and being a member of the Mazama Mountaineers. She passed her love of the outdoors on to her children for which we will be forever grateful.

Kathleen will be missed in a way which cannot truly be expressed in words. She will never be forgotten and will be forever loved and cherished by her family and all who knew her. God bless you mama.