Thomas Kensington Jones

Thomas Kensington (TK) Jones

Thomas Kensington (TK) Jones, of Mercer Island, WA died peacefully Friday morning May 15, 2015 of natural causes.

A Pacific Northwest native, TK was born in Tacoma, WA on June 30, 1932 and graduated form Marysville High School class of 1949. He attended The University of Washington’s School of Engineering and after graduation embarked upon a lifetime career at The Boeing Company.

While at Boeing TK became involved in operational analysis studies of US/USSR military strategic capabilities developed during the Cold War. His work was instrumental in developing an understanding of the implications of regional and global nuclear conflict and measures the US government and citizens could take to mitigate the likelihood and consequences of this type of war. A man of humble origins and blessed with an amazing mind, TK was also able to serve our country with honor and dignity both as a Deputy Secretary of Defense under President Ronald Reagan, and as our Senior Technical Advisor to the US Delegation on the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT).

He dearly loved his wife and best friend of thirty years, Deborah Benedetto Jones, and took great joy in his children and grandchildren. An accomplished cook, TK was in his element with a kitchen full of friends and family serving up good food and lively conversation. A master wood worker, photographer, and WWII historian, TK was an all around amazing man and his intellect, wit, humility and smile will be missed by us all.

He is survived by his wife Deborah Benedetto Jones, brother Jason Jones and his wife Marilyn as well as six children and their spouses: Kevin and Susie Jones, Kerin Jones, Kelli and Daniel Wick, George L. Richardson, JR., Alicia and Diego Calderon, Mindy and Steve Shivers. Lastly he is survived by four grandsons that he adored: Matthew, Jesse, Walker and Holden.