Neuro-Thrive Reviews: Real Okinawan Memory Bean or Critical Nutrition Labs Hoax?

Brain health declines with age. However, environmental toxins and changes in diet can speed up the loss of cognitive abilities. Most people try to maintain healthy eating, physical fitness, and other activities to preserve the brain for extended periods.

Neuro-Thrive is an oral nootropic promising to enhance your brain health. What ingredients are in the cognitive booster? How does it work? Is it effective? Does it work as advertised? The review below divulges more about the nootropic supplement, including its active ingredients, benefits, pros, cons, and costs.

What is Neuro-Thrive?

Neuro-Thrive is a natural nootropic comprising science-based ingredients that can enhance brain health and overall wellness. It is based on an ancient Okinawan bean dish that maintains healthy energy in the brain, thus improving its functions.

Available online only, Neuro-Thrive is ideal for anyone struggling with cognitive issues. Any adult can use the cognitive booster to enhance their memory, learning, creativity, and overall wellness. The nootropic claims to address the underlying cause of poor mental health.

Consuming Neuro-Thrive is easy and can offer significant results within a few weeks. Combined with healthy living, the nootropic can protect users against age-related cognitive decline and dementia. The manufacturer is selling Neuro-Thrive at special introductory prices. A money-back guarantee covers each bottle of the nootropic supplement you purchase.

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How Does Neuro-Thrive Work?

Neuro-Thrive promises to optimize your brain capacities naturally and safely. The ingredients are backed by scientific findings at Harvard University and the University of California, Davis. The active component found in the Okinawan superfood called natto helps Japanese individuals enjoy sharp memory and longevity. How does Neuro-Thrive work?

Support Growth of Youthful Brain Cells

Neuro-Thrive promises to stimulate your brain regardless of age and mental health status. The super nutrients in the nootropic promote healthy brain cell development. It can help enhance your short-term and long-term memory, allowing you to remember every tiny detail without sweat.

Boost Energy Levels in the Brain

Neuro-Thrive contains ingredients that can fortify mitochondrial health. According to the creator, the power plants in the brain deplete because of aging and toxicity. The nootropic boosts the energy levels in your brain, enhancing memory, thinking, learning, and overall cognitive wellness.

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Eliminate Reactive Oxygen Species

The body undergoes various metabolic processes which produce toxic waste products. Without an effective toxin-removing system, the harmful free radicals clog the pipes of the power plants (mitochondrial), reducing their functions. Neuro-Thrive augments the hippocampus and fights harmful toxins.

Support Neuron Health

Neurons depend on the mitochondria to function optimally. A clinical publication in the Journal of Toxicology suggests a destabilization of mitochondria kills brain cells. Neuro-Thrive consists of superfoods that amplify the mitochondria levels and support the regeneration of neurons. The nootropic helps the hippocampus, transforming your brain into a super healthy computer.

Neuro-Thrive is a natural and tasteless dietary supplement that can boost your brain health. However, you must consume the nootropic daily for at least 180 days to repair the mitochondria, enhance energy levels, and strengthen the neurons.

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Neuro-Thrive Ingredients

Neuro-Thrive supplement has seven natural ingredients working together to boost brain health. The maker states all the constituents are in safe amounts and backed by numerous research.



PQQ is a natural component abundant in Japanese natto that many believe is the secret behind Okinawans’ secret to long life, good health, and laser-sharp memory. Neuro-Thrive maker states they use PQQ from natural and clean sources.

According to a publication in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, PQQ is a natural antioxidant 100% more effective in eliminating harmful free radicals than ascorbic acid or vitamin C. It defends the mitochondria against ROS toxins and signals the body to develop more powerhouse units. A publication in the Journal of Nutrition proves that PQQ can boost mitochondrial levels by 60.1%.

Neuro-Thrive maker argues that PQQ can augment blood movement in the brain, delivering nutrients and other essential substances to the neurons and other blood cells. The nutrient amplifies NGF levels crucial in protecting the hippocampus against toxins. It can promote healthy neuron creation and replace dead brain cells.

Other PQQ benefits include supporting healthy cholesterol and blood pressure ranges, improving gastrointestinal health, fortifying the immune system, strengthening the bones, and balancing moods.

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Bacopa is an essential herb in traditional medicine. It grows deep in the Himalayan Mountains and has historically been used to manage memory and anxiety. Neuro-Thrive maker states Bacopa can grow the neurons and promote cognitive health.

Cutting-edge research proves that Bacopa can promote the health of dendrites, allowing the neurons to communicate with each other. It has bacoside components to clear ROS toxins, enhance mitochondrial health, and enhance blood movement in all brain parts.

Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is a choline-containing compound able to penetrate the blood-brain barrier. It helps deliver choline to brain cells essential in supporting memory, learning, and other cognitive abilities.

Alpha GPC boosts memory and cognitive functions. It aids in creating healthy neurons and protects the brain against mental fatigue. Further, alpha GPC supports a healthy flow of blood throughout the brain. It can help in nutrient and oxygen absorption.

Animal studies indicate that the Alpha GPC nutrient can support learning abilities and enhance thinking skills. Neuro-Thrive maker claims it can protect users against vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It may also promote recovery after a stroke. Alpha GPC can enhance heart health and increase muscle and athletic performance.

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Neuro-Thrive’s maker describes GABA as an anti-anxiety neurotransmitter. The nutrient aids in counteracting the natural stimulants produced by the brain during stressful situations. It helps relax the brain and reduces cortisol. Low GABA levels increase the risk of developing stress, insomnia, and mood problems.

Multiple studies suggest that GABA can treat anxiety. In one study, scientists used the EEG to measure subjects’ brain waves after consuming GABA or a placebo. An hour after using GABA, subjects experienced a boost in alpha waves.

GABA can also benefit heart health. Studies suggest it can treat hypertension and curtail the chances of developing heart failure, heart attack, and stroke. In one clinical investigation, subjects with hypertension took varying doses of GABA for two months. Participants taking 80 milligrams of the nutrients experienced a significant drop in their blood pressure ranges.

Vitamin B3

B3 deficiency results in a systematic health problem known as pellagra- Systematic issues occur when the body cells have inadequate energy to function correctly. Neuro-Thrive maker states that vitamin B3 is crucial in augmenting mitochondrial health and protecting the body against low energy levels.

Vitamin B3 can strengthen the myelin sheath, boosting cognition and memory. It fortifies the myelin sheath, protecting the users against nerve slues, including numbness. Neuro-Thrive describes niacin as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that can combat ROS molecules and unhealthy inflammations.

Vitamin B6

The nutrient produces potent antioxidant activity, enabling the immune system to function correctly. Neuro-Thrive makers suggest that vitamin B6 can boost moods and minimize depression symptoms. It is essential in creating neurotransmitters that regulate emotions, including GABA, dopamine, and serotonin.

Inconclusive studies suggest that vitamin B6 can reduce a decline in cognitive functions by lessening homocysteine levels. It can protect users against memory impairments and Alzheimer’s disease.

Vitamin D3

Neuro-Thrive suggests that vitamin D3 can fight brain fog associated with poor mitochondrial health. Studies suggest consuming 2000 IU of vitamin D daily for long periods can support learning, moods, concentration, and memory.

Neuro-Thrive has science-backed ingredients that are natural and healthy. The maker claims it has zero stimulants and cannot interfere with other medications.

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Neuro-Thrive Dosage

Each bottle of Neuro-Thrive contains 30 veggie capsules. The maker suggests taking one pill at any time of the day. The supplement is purportedly made in a pristine GMP-certified facility located in the US. The cognitive booster can help you expand your brain health without causing adverse side effects.

According to the manufacturer, Neuro-Thrive should be used for at least six months to develop brain health. The creator claims you can receive a significant cognitive boost even if you make no changes in your diet.

Benefits of Neuro-Thrive Supplement

  • Neuro-Thrive offers antioxidant properties protecting the neurons from damage
  • It can boost memory and cognitive abilities.
  • It can develop acetylcholine levels essential in enhancing learning and memory.
  • Neuro-Thrive can protect users against cognitive decline
  • It can calm the brain and balance moods
  • Neuro-Thrive can combat brain fog
  • The nootropic formula may develop energy levels
  • It may offer immune support
  • Neuro-Thrive can help users manage stress and boost sleep quality

Neuro-Thrive Pricing

You can only buy legitimate Neuro-Thrive through the official website. Depending on your location, the manufacturer takes 5-7 days to deliver the cognitive booster. The prices are as follows:

  • One bottle: $59 plus shipping
  • Three bottles: $49 each plus free shipping
  • Six bottles: $39 each plus free shipping

Neuro-Thrive Conclusion

Neuro-Thrive is a dietary formulation comprising seven natural ingredients to boost focus, memory, and mental clarity. The nootropic fortifies mitochondrial health, stimulates blood flow, and eliminates harmful toxins. One pill daily can improve your mental health and protect against cognitive decline. Visit the official website to learn more about Neuro-Thrive today!


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