OmniBreathe Reviews – Effective Lung Cleanse Formula by Omnite or Fake Results?

Are you tired of coughs, allergies, congestion, and difficulty in breathing? Introducing OmniBreathe, the easiest way to fight frustrating allergies and congestion. The formula restores optimal lung function and cleanses your airways.

This comprehensive OmniBreathe review will tackle every formula aspect, including the working mechanism, ingredients, benefits, pros, cons, and pricing.

What is OmniBreathe?

OmniBreathe is a natural cleanser that helps cleanse and detoxify your lungs. It eliminates mucus buildup and promotes bronchial health. The formula is ideal for people who have asthma, COPD, bronchitis, or airway discomfort. It may also benefit long-term smokers and those who often experience mucus buildup in the throat.

The revolutionary respiratory support formula makes breathing more manageable as it eliminates congestion and irritation and removes tar and harmful substances trapped in the lungs.

OmniBreathe has soothing properties that reduce wheezing and inflammation, provide nutrient support, and restore vitamin levels in your body. The formula can help individuals quit smoking by clearing pollutants from the lungs. It prevents coughs and colds using active biochemical compounds.

The respiratory solution contains ingredients that strengthen the lungs and protect them against oxidative stress and free radical damage. Some components in OmniBreathe help break down mucus, thus clearing the airways.

OmniBreathe is rich in vitamins, herbs, amino acids, minerals, and antioxidants, backed by scientific research, and proven to promote bronchial health. The nutrients increase oxygen flow to the lungs and promote optimal lung function.

Anyone can use the science-backed formula regardless of health status, age, or gender. It provides relief within 24 to 72 hours of taking. According to the website, OmniBreathe is the best antidote for frustrating allergies, coughs, and persistent congestion.

OmniBreathe is entirely safe and gives long-lasting results. It is free from drugs, additives, GMOs, or chemicals. Omnite produces the formula in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility.

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How Does OmniBreathe Work?

OmniBreathe uses a blend of super nutrients to target the root cause of poor respiratory health. It has cleansing ingredients that detoxify the lungs, eliminating tar and contaminants. It eliminates mucus buildup trapped in the lungs and balances mucus production.

The respiratory support formula soothes irritation and uses anti-inflammatory agents to fight inflammation. It clears congestion and wheezing in the respiratory tract. The fast-acting nutrients in OmniBreathe contain antioxidants that protect the lungs against oxidative damage. The nutrients enable clear breathing all day and night.

OmniBreathe promotes cellular energy production, which is necessary for muscle contraction and relaxation while breathing. It facilitates proper oxygen flow into the lungs and strengthens the lungs. The formula has immune-boosting properties that help fight respiratory-related diseases and infections.

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The Ingredients in OmniBreathe

OmniBreathe contains all-natural ingredients that address the root cause of respiratory issues. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, and antioxidants that cleanse the lungs and support healthy breathing. The formula provides the necessary nutrients for optimal lung function.


Vitamin A

Vitamin A offers immune support and protects you against respiratory diseases and infections. It supports a healthy mucus membrane, which helps eliminate toxins and traps pathogens.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation and specific respiratory disease symptoms. It enhances immune regulation and protects your body against respiratory illnesses.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that safeguards lung tissue from oxidative stress and free radical damage. It promotes immune function by reducing the severity of respiratory infections and preventing future infections.


N-acetyl-l-cysteine is a mucolytic agent that breaks down mucus and clears the airways. It supports bronchial health and promotes healthy glutathione levels. NAC provides antioxidant support, which protects the lung tissue and lowers the symptoms of respiratory issues.


Quercetin has a high anti-inflammatory content that reduces inflammation, asthma, congestion, and wheezing. Reducing inflammation increases oxygen flow in the lungs for optimal breathing. Quercetin offers antioxidant support that combats oxidative stress and prevents the lungs from free radical damage.

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Bromelain complex

Bromelain complex is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that reduce mucus production, lower inflammation, and combat symptoms of respiratory conditions. Bromelain is a mucolytic agent that breaks down mucus, clearing the airways.

Cordyceps Extract

Cordyceps extract supports lung, kidney, and liver function and improves oxygen utilization. It promotes respiratory health and has immune-boosting properties that safeguard your lungs against respiratory diseases and infections.

Stinging Nettle Root Extract

Stinging nettle root extract has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation and congestion and clear the airways. The root extract lowers allergies and asthma symptoms such as wheezing, congestion, and irritation.

Marshmallow Root Extract

The marshmallow root extract has soothing properties that help soothe irritated mucus membranes and relieve coughing and throat irritation. It also helps soothe inflammation and reduce discomfort. Marshmallow increases mucus production, which protects and soothes the airways.

Mullein Leaf Extract

Mullein leaf eliminates mucus from the respiratory extract and reduces inflammation, which helps clear the airways. The makers of OmniBreathe claim that mullein leaf extract helps loosen bronchial secretions and promote overall bronchial health.

Coenzyme Q10

COQ10 supports cellular energy production, which is essential in muscle contraction and relaxation during the breathing process. It promotes lung function and stamina and protects the lungs against oxidative stress and free radical damage.

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The Benefits of OmniBreathe

Cleanse and detox the lungs- OmniBreathe contains cleansing ingredients that include vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that eliminate toxins and harmful substances from the respiratory system. It eliminates tar from the lungs, causing clear breathing.

Enable you to quit smoking- the respiratory support formula enables you to quit smoking faster. It deals with the effects of tobacco by clearing tar and pollutants from the lungs. Additionally, OmniBreathe protects your lungs against smoking exposure.

Promote bronchial wellness- OmniBreathe helps strengthen bronchial health and soothe your respiratory system.

Reduce inflammation- ingredients such as ginger root, quercetin, and bromelain complex are rich in anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation and clear lung congestion. OmniBreathe reduces bronchitis, asthma, and any inflammation-related respiratory issues.

Support lung function- OmniBreathe has ingredients that support lung function by regulating mucus production, clearing nasal passage, and enhancing oxygen flow.

Reduce mucus and congestion- the formula helps clear excess mucus trapped in the lungs. It clears the throat and reduces coughing. It has mucolytic properties that break down excess mucus from the respiratory system, reducing discomfort.

Antioxidant support- the vitamins in OmniBreathe are natural sources of powerful antioxidants that protect the lung tissue against oxidative stress and free radical damage. The antioxidants boost the immune system, protecting you from respiratory diseases and infections.

Increase energy levels- coenzyme Q10 plays a vital role in energy production, which is necessary for muscle contraction and expansion during breathing. More energy supports lung stamina and function.

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How to Use OmniBreathe

Take two capsules of OmniBreathe daily with a glass of water and food. Drink a lot of water throughout the day for maximum absorption.

The website claims that OmniBreathe gives relief within 24-72 hours. Your lungs will start feeling more vital, and breathing will become easier. The formula cleanses your lungs in three days but takes 2-4 weeks of consistent use to feel full cleansing effects.

OmniBreathe is ideal for anyone who suffers from congestion, allergies, bronchial issues, and the effects of smoking. It flushes out tartar, enabling you to start breathing properly. The respiratory support formula contains 100% natural ingredients, which are entirely safe. It provides long-lasting effects without potential risks of side effects.

Although OmniBreathe is safe, you must consult your doctor if you are pregnant, lactating, under medication, or have a pre-existing medical condition.

Over 50,000 people love OmniBreathe and enjoy optimal lung health. You, too, can go about your life like normal with consistent use.


  • OmniBreathe is a fast-action formula that gives relief within three days;
  • The manufacturer claims that there are over 50,000 OmniBreathe happy users;
  • OmniBreathe contains 100% natural ingredients;
  • The respiratory formula is completely safe and free from drugs or additives;
  • Omnite offers a 90-day money-back guarantee and free shipping on all packages;
  • OmniBreathe is proudly manufactured in the United States in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility.


Customer Reviews

According to the website, over 50,000 people love OmniBreathe. Here are some positive testimonials from verified buyers:

N.N. says, “These Capsules are a typical size, nothing too big or too small. They are as easy to swallow as any other capsule. Since taking them, there was some mild improvement in breathing with asthma. The number of times an inhaler was required has reduced, but not disappeared”.

Wajeh H. says, “This product is magnificent in the way it works. With any type of supplement or vitamins you have to take it for some time for your body to get used to it. Been taking two pills per day for the last 2 weeks and I have noticed some differences, I can breathe easier, before I always felt that my nostrils were always clogged due to congestion but since taking I feel my nasal passageway has cleared up significantly. As a long detox I also it has helped me get rid of phlegm. I have been coughing phlegm from my lungs and it feels like I can take on more air intake while breathing”.

Pricing and Money-Back Guarantee

OmniBreathe is available for sale on the official website. The prices are discounted for a limited period. So hurry while stocks last:

  • One bottle of OmniBreathe (15-day supply) at $40.60 + free U.S. shipping;
  • Two bottles of OmniBreathe (30-day supply) at $60.90 + free U.S. shipping;
  • Two bottles of OmniBreathe + 1 free (45-day supply) at $81.20 + free U.S. shipping.

It takes 3-5 business days to get your OmniBreathe package if you are in the United States. International shipping may take longer, depending on customs.

The manufacturer ensures customer satisfaction by offering a 90-day money-back guarantee that allows users to try the product and get a complete refund if there are no positive changes. You can reach OmniBreathe at:

  • Email: support@getomnibreathe.io


OmniBreathe is a respiratory support formula that unclogs your airways, clears congestion, and promotes lung function. It eliminates mucus buildup in the lungs, soothes inflammation, and regulates mucus production.

The formula improves breathing and restores vitamin levels in the body. It is suitable for people with asthma, mucus buildup, long-term smokers, and those who experience difficulty breathing. It eliminates airway discomfort and strengthens the lungs without causing potential side effects.

OmniBreathe contains a natural blend of science-backed ingredients that promote free breathing. It provides nutrient support for lung and overall health. According to the website, OmniBreathe can provide relief within 24 to 72 hours.

The revolutionary formula ensures you go about your life like normal and prevents future respiratory diseases and infections. You can join the 50,000+ happy customers in enjoying optimal lung health.

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