Vivaslim Reviews – Real Simple Promise Formula or Bogus Claims?

Anyone who has successfully lost weight, or at least tried to, understands how complex this journey can be, especially if you don’t know how. Most people admit to needing help at some point in their weight loss journey after realizing they couldn’t do it alone.

VivaSlim, the focus of today’s review, claims it can support weight loss without forcing you to fast or engage in extraneous exercises. According to its creators, taking ten drops of this supplement three times daily will reduce cravings, increase fluid retention, and enhance metabolism.

Its primary selling point is its ability to accelerate metabolism, helping kickstart weight loss. Given that not everyone believes in what these supplements claim to do, we will do our best to inform you of their composition, benefits, pricing, and where to buy them.

What Is VivaSlim Weight Loss Supplement?

The official website says VivaSlim is a proprietary blend with 12 naturally sourced ingredients. These elements are believed to assist in:

  • Decreasing appetite
  • Reducing fluid retention
  • Improving metabolism

These three effects ultimately lead to weight loss.

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About the Manufacturer

Simple Promise is the manufacturer of the VivaSlim weight loss supplement. For those well-versed in the supplement industry, you may have heard of this company or come across some of its products, as the company has been around for a few years.

The company claims to adhere to several rules to guarantee the purity of its products:

  • Every element used during the production process must be backed by concrete scientific evidence
  • All its products must go through third-party testing conducted by a team of toxicology and pharmacology experts
  • Each element included in VivaSlim will appear in the same form it has been mentioned in scientific papers
  • Manufacturing must occur in a GMP-certified facility

These processes help ensure that Simple Promise products will not cause adverse side effects.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Buying VivaSlim

Before placing your order, we advise that you pay attention to the section below, as it contains important information that can assist in boosting the effects of this dietary supplement.

Dieting and Working Out

Although VivaSlim doesn’t require you to diet or workout for its effects to kick in, these two factors still play a crucial role in the weight loss journey. VivaSlim works best when complemented with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Health experts recommend eating fewer calories to accelerate weight loss. Failure to do so means you may fail to get the desired results, especially if you insist on a high-calorie diet, even when taking VivaSlim.

Allergies and Allergic Reactions

Review the nutrition label to check whether you’re allergic to any ingredients that have gone into making VivaSlim. Schedule a consultation session with your physician if you’re unsure what’s best for your body.

Dosage Recommendations

Simple Promise recommends taking ten drops of VivaSlim to hasten fat loss. Unlike other weight loss supplements, you’ll need to take them three times daily: in the morning, at lunchtime, and after dinner.

Having a support system will ensure you don’t forget to take these drops as recommended.

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VivaSlim Ingredients

Understanding the ingredients that have gone into making a weight loss supplement can help determine whether it will work for your weight loss goals. In the case of VivaSlim, the elements that have gone into making it include:

  • African Mango Extract: The scientific name of the African Mango extract is Irvingia Garbogenesi. Scientists believe it can enhance cholesterol levels and promote accelerated fat loss.
  • L-Glutamine: This essential amino acid provides the body with various important benefits, such as boosting the functions of the immune system, improving metabolic performance, and reducing the symptoms associated with a leaky gut.
  • L-ornithine is believed to improve sleep patterns, reduce elevated stress levels, and improve metabolism, leading to fast weight loss.
  • Astragalus is a traditional herb native to China, where it has been used for years to control blood sugar levels, improve heart function, and boost immune functions. Some health experts believe it can also assist in reducing fatigue and enhancing alertness.
  • L-carnitine occurs naturally in the body and assists in transporting fats into body cells, where they’re needed for energy. Some studies have shown that it can accelerate the weight loss process.
  • Rhodiola is a potent herb that reduces burnout symptoms and lowers elevated stress levels. Other benefits of the Rhodiola herb include boosting general wellness, enhancing mood levels, and decreasing fatigue.
  • Maca Root is one of the most popular ingredients used in making supplements. Besides boosting libido in men, it has been seen to enhance cognition and recall while improving blood pressure levels. Its benefits will enable you to lead a more active lifestyle.
  • African Plum Bark is a potent antioxidant known to assist in fighting inflammation, thereby helping to promote weight loss and enhance the functioning of the immune system.
  • L-Arginine: It’s an essential amino acid that can support accelerated weight loss, normalize blood pressure and glucose levels, and improve general wellness.
  • Niacin: The human needs this essential vitamin to transform the foods you eat daily into usable energy. Niacin also assists in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol, significantly reducing your risk of getting a heart-related condition.
  • Beta-alanine is included in VivaSlim to assist in boosting body performance and reducing muscle fatigue when working out.

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Features of the VivaSlim Weight Loss Formula

If you’re like most consumers, you probably want to know what makes this supplement stand out from all the others on sale today. The following are its notable features:

All-Natural Formulation

Naturally sourced ingredients are revered in the supplement industry because they don’t have any side effects. Furthermore, an all-natural formulation means you aren’t adding any artificial additives or chemicals to your body.

These elements can harm the body and negatively impact your weight loss journey.

Immunity Boost

A weakened immune system can significantly impact your quality of life. For example, no one wants to go to the kitchen to cook when unwell. The result is that most of us end up eating processed foods filled with all kinds of additives.

Besides affecting your metabolism, a weak immune system means resting more in bed instead of hitting the gym to exercise and complementing the VivaSlim effects.

VivaSlim Helps in Lowering Elevated Stress Levels

Elevated stress levels will typically lead to an increased production of the cortisol hormone. As its production increases, so will that of the fat-storing hormones. Your cravings will also increase, causing you to consume more food than is necessary.

VivaSlim contains Rhodiola, an ingredient known to help lower stress levels.

Pricing and Where to Buy VivaSlim

VivaSlim weight loss supplement is available on its official website. The dietary supplement comes in three packages, as listed below:

  • VivaSlim One Month Supply at $49 per bottle + Free shipping
  • VivaSlim Three Month Supply at $39 per bottle + Free shipping
  • VivaSlim Six Month Supply at $31 per bottle + Free shipping

A 100% 365-day money-back guarantee helps protect your VivaSlim purchase. If a refund is needed, just email support@simplepromise.com or call 1-800-259-9522.


Please note that, unlike other similar weight support supplements, VivaSlim isn’t available for sale at your local Target or Walmart for two crucial reasons:

The Nature of the Hard-to-Source Ingredients Used

Simple Promise has used numerous exotic ingredients to create VivaSlim. Many of these ingredients are only available during specific months of the year. This means the manufacturer may have difficulty sourcing the elements due to scarcity.

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Lizzy Anderson’s Story Has Gone Viral

Lizzy Anderson worked with Simple Promise to create this fantastic fat-loss formula. Her success story has prompted more obese people to try their luck with the formulation, and after recording success, many have opted to grab multiple VivaSlim bottles at a time.

Also, those who have tried the formulation and found it to work have returned for more, leading to its scarcity. As a result, there are times when VivaSlim is sold out for several weeks at a time.


Q. Who can use the VivaSlim weight loss supplement?

A. Simple Promise has manufactured VivaSlim to help obese men and women shed extra weight without fasting or exercising daily. Its naturally sourced ingredients will enable you to lose fat fast and lead a more satisfying lifestyle.

Internal testing shows that users can lose up to 28lbs in only a few weeks.

Q. How long will it take to notice the effects of the VivaSlim weight loss supplement?

A. Its effects are almost instantaneous. Its 12 ingredients will go to work immediately, enabling you to experience a dramatic change in your energy levels. Some consumers have reported losing as much as 10lbs within the first seven days.

Q. Is VivaSlim weight loss supplement safe?

A. Yes. It’s an all-natural formulation, and manufacture occurs in a GMP-certified facility.

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