Joy Langley jumps in with both feet | Letter

Joy Langley will make an exceptional City Council member. I met her a few years ago, when she moved to Mercer Island. Like many of us, Joy, and her husband Dom, moved here for the outstanding schools and to raise their family in our amazing community.

Since joining our community, Joy has jumped in with both feet, working to keep Mercer Island a great place to live. Those who know Joy through her work on the Arts Council, School Levy Committee and West Mercer and District PTA’s will tell you that she brings boundless energy and passion to everything she does.

She is hugely supportive of our schools, protective of our environment, our neighborhood character and, like many of us, concerned about the impacts of unbridled growth on our transportation system and other infrastructure.

But Joy does not just bring passion. She brings skill and professional expertise. Her background as a government affairs professional, bringing together divergent points of view to make decisions, has prepared her well to take on the challenges our community will face in the next few years. I hope you will join me supporting Joy Langley for City Council.

Bill Hochberg

Mercer Island

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