Take action on climate change | Letter

Islander meets with state legislators and discusses a path to 100 percent carbon-free energy.

On Jan. 23, I — along with approximately 200 others — spent the day in Olympia for 100 Percent for Climate Lobby Day. Outside of a school field trip to Olympia, this was my first experience spending real time in our capitol, and the first time I’ve met with my state legislators.

The day was thoughtfully organized by a number of climate organizations: Audubon Washington, Carbon Washington and Climate Solutions to name a few. The purpose of this lobby day was to have conversations with our legislators on supporting a path to 100 percent carbon-free energy.

I had the incredible opportunity to meet with Sen. Lisa Wellman. Not only did she support the proposed bills highlighted in this legislative session, but she supported our efforts as well. I walked away from that meeting feeling a sense of pride for making my voice heard. I encourage others to contact their senators and representatives on the issue of climate change during this short session. Carbon-free energy, and climate change in general, is an issue that is urgent now, and I am hopeful that our state Legislature passes measures that will not only help our environment, but support job growth in general. Now is the time to raise up our collective voices, participate in the process and take action.

Emily Lewis

Mercer Island

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