Letters: Moms 4 Safe MI and Councilmember Salim Nice

Together we have taken meaningful actions to preserve and improve public safety in our community – from holding Sound Transit accountable for a massive infrastructure burden without any safety plans to preserving our public spaces for their intended use – these efforts were only possible through the advocacy work of citizens AND through electing a City Council who are willing to take up these issues and create good policy for our kids, our neighborhoods & these public spaces. As such, we must ensure that we elect Councilmembers who will prioritize and elevate these important public safety policy discussions.

Council member Salim Nice has announced his re-election campaign for a 3rd term on the Mercer Island City Council, and M4SMI whole-heartedly supports his re-election. Here is why: During his tenure on the council, Salim has served as deputy mayor and has prioritized a wide breath of issues which align with M4SMI’s mission of keeping our community safe & inclusive for all residents.

Salim has been instrumental in maintaining and improving the family-friendly residential character of Mercer Island. The community we enjoy today did not just happen – it is the result of Councilmembers like Salim who have worked tirelessly to preserve what is important to Islanders.

To name just a few of Salim’s achievements on the council:

Salim garnered approval for ALPR technology for MIPD patrol cars and has worked against the tide to ensure Sound Transit’s accountability for best practices in Public Safety. Salim has pushed for increased safety protocols and increased police presence around the Transit Station and two new MIPD officers once light rail becomes operational, to help mitigate the impacts of Mercer Island becoming a major regional transit hub.

Salim has been integral in voting to maintain funding for Youth and Family Services during an unprecedented year of need in our community. He is a steadfast supporter of MIYFS school counselors, which is a top priority for M4SMI. The safety and mental health of our children and our schools – one of the most important public spaces in our community – is of utmost importance to M4SMI. Salim understands this essential need and supports the important operations of MIYFS.

From our schools, to parks & green spaces, to transit centers and sidewalks, Salim has worked tirelessly to protect these public spaces for their intended use. Most recently, Salim supported the adoption of Ordinance 21C-02 and voted to include funding for ARCH & Eastside Homeless Shelters.

When faced with regional pressures and outside influence, Salim remains a steadfast representative for our community by listening to his constituents, elevating those local voices and representing Island residents with ethics, knowledge and intention. We need this level-headed, data driven leadership on our Council.

Protecting the personal safety of Islanders is a priority for Salim. When the pandemic began, Salim was instrumental in protecting the health of our community by implementing Senior/High Risk shopping hours at local grocery stores. In March 2021, Salim joined other elected officials in speaking out against anti-Asian hate crimes and is committed to fighting racism, xenophobia and bigotry in whatever form they take. These actions reflect M4SMI’s values for a safe and inclusive community and we appreciate Salim’s ethical and compassionate approach to governance.

M4SMI supports the re-election of Councilmember Salim Nice, as do many current & former council members who have worked along side him, and we encourage you to do the same. His positions and actions are in line with our efforts and we need his leadership in our community now, more than ever. His re-election will ensure that Mercer Island remains a wonderful place to live for all residents.

Moms 4 Safe MI (a grassroots advocacy group focused on preserving the safety, accessibility & inclusivity of our MI Public Spaces) co-founders Olivia Lippens and Ashley Hay