Supporters want to add Joy to Mercer Island City Council | Letters

Langley has power of positivism

I encourage you to support Joy Langley in her bid for City Council membership. Having worked alongside her on the Mercer Island Arts Council, which she now chairs, I appreciate the social and problem-solving skills she will bring to our City Council. She has the power of positivism, and blends her regional arts–building skills utilized by the agency 4-Culture with her business sense utilized by Expedia. Her website touts her work on the successful school levy, and a partial list of her endorsers include Mayor Bruce Bassett, three former Mercer Island mayors, state legislators Lisa Wellman, Tana Senn, and Judy Clibborn, and Councilmember Debbie Bertlin. So I hope you, too, will vote for Joy Langley for City Council.

Karen Kaser

Mercer Island

Langley unites energy and expertise

Joy Langley is an incredible asset to the community of Mercer Island. She listens. She seeks to understand. She works hard. Joy’s unique skill set, built in a career in government affairs, serves as a foundation for service to our unique community. Joy recognizes and honors Mercer Island culture. She supports education in all forms, from our outstanding schools to the lifelong learning opportunities presented by MICA. Her investment in public service is made evident in her consistent and enthusiastic volunteering at West Mercer Elementary School.

I look forward to having Joy’s optimism and candor in our city leadership. Please join me supporting Joy Langley for City Council.

Heidi Thiese

Mercer Island

Adding Joy to the City Council

Which came first — was Joy named for her traits, or did her character take her name’s suggestion? I have never met someone whose name more perfectly describes the person. I met Joy Langley two-and-a-half years ago through my service on the Mercer Island Arts Council. Since then, I have come to know Joy as a fellow Arts Council member, a fellow mom in the community and as a friend. Joy assumes each of these roles with grace, passion and a smile. I believe adding Joy to the City Council would be a real asset to our community.

Joy has been a strong advocate for the arts and for our community. As an Arts Council member she quickly displayed leadership qualities by jumping right into her role, bringing the Washington state poet laureate to the Island for a workshop event and keeping the Arts Council current on the state of public advocacy for the arts. She is an action taker. She does not just comment and criticize. She is a doer. As chairperson of the Arts Council, she is a natural and elegant leader. Her positivity and optimistic approach to leadership give her the ability to be open to all sides of an issue. She is thoughtful and does not quickly rush to judgment. She respects all points of view and extends common courtesy in her dealings.

Joy cares deeply about the community as a whole but also listens and is empathetic to individual points of view. She maintains optimism and positivity even when faced with the trickiest situations. She is open, fair, sophisticated and forward thinking. As a community member, mom and friend, Joy inspires. Our Island needs some Joy right now. Let’s elect Joy to City Council.

Erin Vivion

Mercer Island