Supporters say council candidate Acker advocates for Islanders | Letters

Acker has passion for fairness, transparency

I had the opportunity to get to know Tom Acker as a fellow PTA Board member last year. Tom is very personable and I was impressed with his knowledge of all of the local and state issues.

Here is how I would sum up Tom’s qualities as a candidate for the Mercer Island City Council:

Tom’s mission is to communicate and educate the community on all of the important issues and legislation that affect all of us, even though many of us don’t take the time to stay abreast of the issues. Tom keeps the community informed of city, region and state happenings through his postings on Nextdoor and he is a voice for our students and community at many council meetings and legislative information sessions. Tom’s passion for fairness, transparency and civic responsibility have made our community a better place to live.

Michelle Ritter

Mercer Island

Acker has demonstrated community involvement

The next council will face some serious issues: looming budget deficits, aging water and sewer lines, a dysfunctional Town Center development code that produces little retail sales tax revenue, how to spend the Sound Transit settlement funds and the division over where to site the Mercer Island Center for the Arts and Youth Theatre Northwest.

To determine who will be ready, it is important to look at what a candidate has done in the past.

In 2014 Tom Acker helped found Save Our Suburbs and led the fight against paving Kite Hill for off-Island parking and the terrible bus intercept plan. He organized citizen involvement in the rewrite of the Town Center development code and helped prevent 14 story buildings. He hosted the October 2016 citizens meeting on light rail that educated the citizens and council on the complex issues, and unfortunate past council mistakes.

In 2015 Tom formed a group of reform candidates that included Salim Nice and Dave Wisenteiner who tried to warn of the impeding budget deficits, light rail and aging water lines before the outbreak of E.coli that cost $2 million in temporary measures alone. Tom was actively involved in the rewrite of the residential development code to address the abusive development that is ruining our neighborhoods. I can’t even count the number of council meetings Tom has attended, even though he has three young children and a busy job. At the same time, Tom continued to volunteer for PTA advocacy.

The only way for a candidate to be ready to govern on day one is to have been involved in the important issues before running for office. Please vote based on what a candidate has done, not on what they suddenly tell you today, or what you want to hear. The issues are too important for that.

Daniel Thompson

Mercer Island

Acker is tireless advocate for Islanders

As a mother of two small children, I desire local representation who values the unique character of our Island — our safe neighborhoods, excellent schools, beautiful parks and sense of community — the reasons I choose to raise my family here. I place great value in a council person who represents Mercer Island — Tom Acker is such a person. Acker is a tireless advocate for all Islanders.

In an era of divisive politics, Tom is advocating for “An Island Together,” finding common ground and bringing our community together. Tom is a leader who values the opinions of all and who leads with a mentality of inclusion. With a masters in business administration and experience in data-based decisions, Tom is committed to accountability and best choices based on real-time data. Acker has the skills we need to lead our city. Please join me in supporting and voting for Tom Acker for Mercer Island City Council.

Traci Granbois and residents Debra Jacobson, Kristie Dore, Lauren Milkie, Rebecca Okelo

Mercer Island