White to run for school board director position

Special to the Reporter

Mercer Island resident Todd White has announced his candidacy for the position of Mercer Island School Board director No. 5, which is currently held by the outgoing school board director Tam Dinh.

“Our school district is one of the best in the state and I want to be part of the team that brings effective solutions to important issues surrounding our children’s emotional well-being, declining student enrollment and financial sustainability. I feel a strong sense of duty to serve this community that has brought so much to me and my family,” White said in a statement. “As a parent within a multi-racial family and with children attending elementary school in the district, I understand directly the opportunities and challenges ahead.”

As an experimental test pilot with a graduate degree in aeronautical engineering and 20-plus years of executive and senior management leadership experience, White understands the importance of a focused academic curriculum enabling our children to be successful both within the district and after graduation.

Additionally, White has served in leadership positions within small, medium and large corporations managing annual budgets and teams of a size similar to the school district budget and staff size. White’s collaborative approach toward solving challenging problems makes him uniquely qualified to help position the district for success for years to come. As a professional pilot, he has traveled extensively to most continents spending weeks and sometimes months living outside the U.S. During his travels, he has personally experienced a variety of cultures, which has helped him to develop a deep understanding of the importance of diverse experiences and perspectives.

White’s bid is supported by some of the most well-known Mercer Island leaders. Mercer Island Mayor Salim Nice enthusiastically endorses White for the school board director position. “With his remarkable leadership skills and collaborative approach toward problem-solving, Todd will undoubtedly make an outstanding addition to the school board. I have complete faith in Todd’s ability to bring lasting solutions that will help maintain our school’s reputation as some of the best in the state. Todd has my unwavering support,” Nice said in a statement.

Mercer Island parent Ashley Hay asserted that White “will be an outstanding addition to the Mercer Island School Board.” As a parent of three elementary aged students, she is encouraged by White’s dedication toward ensuring that our students are receiving the best education possible. “We are fortunate to have a candidate of Todd’s caliber who is willing to address the challenges our district is facing. He understands the issues at hand and will be a wonderful advocate for our children,” she said.

Hay believes that White’s expertise and vision for our district will serve our community well. “I’m joined by many families who feel similarly. We are confident that Todd will bring significant and lasting positive impacts which will directly benefit our children and help to shape their futures,” she said.