Thumbs up to library opening, down to parks petition | Editorial

Thumbs up to whoever planted the beautiful wild flowers on the Island Crest Way median.

Thumbs up to whoever planted the beautiful wild flowers on the Island Crest Way median.

Thumbs up to the Mercer Island Library opening on July 23.

Thumbs up on the Town Center resolution, which turned out to be a successful public engagement endeavor.

Thumbs up to Mercer Island Parks for a great Summer Celebration.

Thumbs up to the great work of the Farmers Market team. We are grateful for a local place for fresh produce and food, flowers, yummy treats, music and lunch. It’s a great gathering place for the community and a treasure.

Thumbs up to local artists Sandy Glass and José Orantes for their leadership, creativity and commitment to the arts in leading Mercer Island students in creating a beautiful mosaic in Luther Burbank Park playground.

Thumbs up to all of the staff, volunteers, supporters and funders of Mercier Island Youth and Family Services. The annual newsletter that was recently sent out highlighted the widespread support and the very essential services they provide. What an important resource for all of our families, seniors and youth.

Thumbs up to the Mercer Island School District for recently updating the board policy regarding public access to district records. The update reflects that text messages and other electronic communications by board directors and district employees about district business are subject to disclosure, whether they are made on a personal or district-issues device.

Thumbs down to the handful of citizens abusing the public records request process and staff. These abuses are wasting city staff time and squandering Island tax dollars.

Thumbs down for Protect Our Parks filing another petition to limit usage of our parks after a clear signal was sent by the community.

Thumbs down to the city’s process to replace the city manager.

Thumbs down to King County Elections and to the Mercer Island City Council for not putting ballot drop boxes at all King County libraries.

Thumbs down to the city for not providing lifeguards at Groveland Beach.

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