Even more Mercer Island candidate letters | Election 2021

Editor’s note: Due to the volume of letters endorsing Mercer Island candidates and a finite amount of print space in the Mercer Island Reporter, these letters will be published on our website. They are in no particular order.

Former mayor supports Weinberg

Mercer Islanders care passionately for their parks. Every candidate for City Council claims they will defend and protect the parks. But few candidates come forward with an economically viable plan for enabling the expansion of our parks.

Most of us believe that Mercer Island’s high cost of real estate makes park expansions not possible. But those who study our history know that the park and open space on Mercer Island have indeed expanded over the years. In 2006, the Quarles family donated the Engstrom Open Space. In 1992, the city leveraged bonds from King County to purchase the 53rd Street Open Space. In 1987, the Slater family bequeathed their waterfront property in East Seattle to the City, resulting in Slater Park.

These park and open space expansions over the decades have each required either an act of altruism or funding from a larger governmental agency. But very slowly, our park space has been expanding.

Ted Weinberg, a 40-year island resident and candidate for seat no. 4 on the City Council, is developing a new and innovative program to enhance and further encourage park expansion.

Leveraging his positive working relationships with King County leadership, Ted is developing a program whereby a family with property adjacent to an existing park or open space who wishes to create a legacy addition to that space can receive property tax relief for life in exchange for bequeathing the property to the city in their will.

Ted’s idea creates both an attractive option for expanding parks and for providing seniors on fixed incomes with an avenue for aging in place in the city they love.

We need more City Council members with positive working relationships with other governmental agencies who can build creative new solutions for Mercer Islanders.

Please join me in voting for Ted Weinberg.

Elliot Newman, former Mayor of Mercer Island

We support Ted Weinberg

We have been residents of Mercer Island for over 46 years and have supported numerous good people for City Council. We believe the best candidates for this job should have a solid understanding of how the city works, know the current issues, listen to different viewpoints with respect, be able to study the facts and make a careful analysis on what steps should be taken to “grow” our island in a responsible way.

We support Ted Weinberg for City Council position #4, because he has all these qualities, and more, to offer our community. Ted grew up here, attended IMS and MIHS and returned to raise a family. Ted served on the Planning Commission since 2017, an essential expertise that will allow him to tackle the hard issues of growth. Ted has a degree in Architecture and an MBA in Technology Management. His work over the past 30 years in the public and private sectors in information technology, focusing on innovation and efficiency, will bring added value to the Council.

Ted has already gone “door to door” to over 2000 homes – that alone is impressive! He made a point to “listen,” to ask what Mercer Islanders cared most about and would like to see accomplished. We like his positive and open-minded approach to challenges. He is inclusive, pragmatic, fact-based, and transparent in his decision making; he believes that civil discourse is key to promoting solutions that benefit our community.

Please join us in voting for Ted Weinberg!

Bruce and Mary Ann Flynn, Mercer Island

Three “Es” for Weinberg

As a citizen of Mercer Island for 45 years, and an adjunct faculty at the University of WA Evans School of Public Policy, I have, over time, developed key criteria that have shaped my selection of candidates. The following expresses my major rationale for voting for Ted Weinberg for Position 4 on the Mercer Island City Council. I hope these 3 “Es” will help confirm for you why I am confident he is our best candidate, and recommend that you vote for him.

Endorsements from trusted elected officials

The following list confirms that Ted Weinberg is viewed as the best choice among those who understand the job and what it takes for success:

• State Senator Lisa Wellman and State Representatives Tana Senn and My-Linh Thai, and Former Representative Judy Clibborn

• Mercer Island Mayors: Benson Wong and Former Debbie Bertlin, Alan Merkle and Elliot Newman

• Mercer Island City Council Members: Current: Wendy Weiker, Craig Reynolds, Dave Rosenbaum

• Mercer Island School Board Members: Current President Deborah Lurie, VP Maggie Tai Tucker

• Mercer Island Firefighters Local 1762

• Mercer Island current Planning Commissioners: Carolyn Boatsman, Tiffin Goodman, Daniel Hubbell

Experience in municipal government planning and administration

As with “any job,” prior and similar experience is a strong predictor of success. Ted Weinberg has:

• Served on the MI Planning Commission since 2017

• Currently works as a Portfolio and Resource Manager for the IT Department at the City of Seattle

Enthusiasm and commitment to supporting MI core values

Ted Weinberg is not only committed to the top priorities for most MI residents, he will advocate for them with objective criteria and clear communications:

• Core services: Restoration of our city’s core services including fire, police, public works, parks and recreation, youth and family services, permitting and administration.

• Parks and open spaces: Maintain and expand.

• Town Center: Revitalize.

Nancy Lee, Mercer Island

The three best candidates

Every council person supports parks.

However, if you’ve observed overflowing or missing waste receptacles, broken playground equipment, or limited use of the community center, you have experienced our current council’s commitment to our parks. Moreover, parks are just one example of the direction the current council is taking us.

We have the opportunity to elect three experienced, knowledgeable, and accomplished people who’ve proven themselves to be adept at negotiating differences and making things happen. These people represent the best of who we are.

It is time for a new direction for our city; a direction that is creative and responsive to all views.

Kate Akyuz, Ted Weinberg, and Daniel Becker will get our city functioning again and move us forward.

Carol Friends, Mercer Island

The talented Mr. Weinberg

Ted Weinberg was a student in my Film as Literature class in 1984. He was smart, curious, and creative. It is wonderful to see him use those same talents through the years working to improve our Mercer Island Community. He cares deeply about issues that are important to me and so many Mercer Islanders.

Ted will work closely with the school board to maintain and expand upon the existing 11 inter-local agreements between the city and school district. That is why all present school board members have endorsed him.

Ted also cares deeply about the mental health of our students and community members, our special island environment, and the strength of our small businesses.

How lucky we are to have this home grown candidate run for City Council to work for us and to use those talents displayed in the classroom so many years ago. Please join me in supporting Ted Weinberg for City Council.

Pat Braman

Retired MIHS Teacher, Former President of the Chamber of Commerce, and Former School Board President