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Firefighter endorsement

Your Mercer Island Firefighters work in a profession where we can directly see the impacts on you, and on us, of the decisions made by elected officials. Our Union is a democratic organization, not unlike that of our United States, in that we identify concerns, engage in debate, propose solutions, and then vote on the priorities that protect the people of this Island and the members of this organization.

As citizens of this community, it is important that your firefighters, who are the experts in the delivery of those services, have a seat at the table to ensure we are part of solutions to the problems affecting your public safety. After a review of all the announced City Council candidates, internal deliberations were held, and with the unanimous vote of the group, our members chose to endorse three City Council candidates. We are grateful for ALL those who have chosen to run for office, or serve in an elected position, and we will continue to work with elected officials to fight for you.

The Mercer Island Firefighters, IAFF Local 1762 is announcing our endorsement of Kate Akyuz, Ted Weinberg, and Daniel Becker. The Mercer Island Firefighters Union represents the 29 professional firefighters of Mercer Island Fire Department and are affiliated with the International Association of Fire Fighters, Washington State Council of Firefighters, and the AFL-CIO.

As part of our continuing commitment to this community, in addition to our written endorsement of these candidates, our members also elected to contribute financially to the campaigns of all three candidates. Transparency is essential when participating in democracy, and all our information regarding how we participate and fund our election work is available on the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission website. No amount of negativity, false accusations, or paid newspaper claims will stop your firefighters from doing the right thing, and fighting to protect, improve, and ensure quality fire services for ALL residents and visitors to Mercer Island. We are proud to serve you.

Regardless of who you support, please return your ballot by Tuesday, November 2. We hope you vote for Kate Akyuz, Ted Weinberg, and Daniel Becker when filling out your ballot. Your firefighters believe these candidates will protect your public safety. Thank you for your consideration.

-Your Mercer Island Firefighters, IAFF Local 1762