Islanders endorse Joy Langley for city council | Letters

Joy Langley has long history of public service

My experience as Mercer Island School Board president taught me how valuable community engagement is to our quality of life and our schools. We are fortunate to live in a community of highly educated and involved citizens who care about the decisions made by our local leadership. This community engagement, combined with effective leadership, has allowed us to create world-class schools and our beautiful town.

This is why I am supporting Joy Langley for Mercer Island City Council. Joy has a long history of public service and, from personal and professional experience, has learned what it takes to engage others and be an effective leader.

Working on the Committee for Mercer Island Public Schools, Joy took on responsibilities for voter outreach, ensuring voters understood the public safety and security improvements that their levy dollars would fund. As vice president for advocacy at West Mercer, she educated and rallied parents around the impacts of state and regional policy on their children’s education. As co-vice president of development for Mercer Island Preschool Association, she worked with our business community to understand their challenges and priorities.

As your Mercer Island Council member, Joy will fight to keep our schools and students strong by continue to fund our school counselors and partnering with the School Board on key issues that affect schools and the City. That’s why I believe Joy Langley is the right choice for our City Council position #4.

Carrie George

Mercer Island

Langley cares what is best for Island

I am writing this letter in support for Joy Langley for Mercer Island City Council. I have gotten to know Joy well over the years, as our oldest daughters have been in preschool, kindergarten and summer camp together. Joy is extremely sharp and is passionate about the issues facing Mercer Islanders today. Her positions are well thought out and intelligent, and based on facts. Her background and abilities make her a perfect candidate: She knows how the political system works, how to communicate well and most importantly, how to get things done. She is straightforward and honest and truly cares about what is best for our community. I believe we would benefit greatly from Joy’s leadership on the Mercer Island City Council.

Jodie Friedman

Mercer Island

Vote Langley to move city forward together

Our country feels so divided these days, but our Mercer Island community doesn’t have to be that way. We can move forward locally with a united spirit. We can embrace diversity and change. We can listen to each other and focus on teamwork and collaboration that promotes the best for our community.

And we can and should choose Joy Langley for City Council to do just that. Joy worked for Sen. Patty Murray on issues related to diverse communities and education. She has worked in government relations in the fast-paced, ever-changing field of technology. And on Mercer Island, she has served on MIPA, the Arts Council, Mercer Island FC and more.

As the city confronts tough choices in the coming years, I want a person who sees the power in “us,” someone who can unify the community, make decisions based on facts and common sense and recognize and embrace the change that is inevitably coming.

I am voting for Joy Langley for City Council and invite you to join me.

Rep. Tana Senn

Former Mercer Island City Council member