Firm conducting MI community survey / City briefs

A statistical sampling of Mercer Island residents have received a mailer to participate in the 2024 Community Survey, which is presently being conducted by professional surveying firm ETC Institute.

According to the city, the biennial survey — which utilizes standard practices to ensure accuracy and equity, hence the sampling — has been distributed since 2004 “to track satisfaction with city services, identify resident priorities, and get input on significant community issues.”

Residents who received surveys can return a paper copy using the prepaid envelope or online through the URL provided.

In the 2022 Community Survey findings report, gathered from 463 completed surveys: 86% of the respondents felt the city was generally going in the right direction; 57% of the respondents felt the city’s government did a good job overall, followed by 24% fair, 16% excellent and 3% poor; 45% of the respondents rated the job the city was doing using tax dollars responsibly as good, followed by 32% fair, 14% excellent and 9% poor; and 82% of the respondents noted that the city provides about the right amount of services, followed by too few services at 13% and too many services at 5%.

For more information, visit:

Public can comment on city’s Transportation Improvement Program

Beginning on March 20, the public was invited to start letting its comments flow on the annual update of the city’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), which covers the Island’s roadway, pedestrian and bicycle projects. The city will accept comments through June 18 on the day of the TIP Adoption Council meeting.

“This plan is a rolling six-year plan updated annually with a focus on maintaining the Island’s existing transportation network and improving it in a thoughtful and safe manner within financial constraints,” according to the city.

The TIP timeline on the Let’s Talk page notes that public comments made by May 15 are eligible for inclusion in the materials for the June 4 public hearing at the city council meeting, which will also feature a TIP preview.

To submit comments and to obtain more information on the city’s Let’s Talk platform, visit:

City boards and commissions

The city is recruiting members for vacant or expiring boards and commissions through April 26.

The following positions are currently available and accepting applications:

• Arts Council (two positions; terms expires May 31, 2028)

• Design Commission (two positions; terms expires May 31, 2028)

• Open Space Conservancy Trust (one position; term expires May 31, 2028)

• Parks and Recreation Commission (one position; term expires May 31, 2028)

• Planning Commission (two positions; terms expires May 31, 2028)

• Utility Board (two positions; terms expires May 31, 2028)

According to the city, “Board and commission members help shape the city in unique ways by sharing their expertise or perspective. Candidates must be current residents of Mercer Island, unless otherwise specified by the Mercer Island City Code, and some positions have specific requirements.”

To apply, visit: